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I joined this crazy place on 2012-07-07, 10 years ago.

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Housing and blacklights - 10 years ago

We currently live in wm1 and are transferring to San o. Our carpet wasn't new when we moved here, housing said it was replaced in 2010, we've only been here since August of this year. The carpet also ...

What's the difference between E3-5 and E6-9 in WM 2? - 10 years ago

We have an alley house in wm2 and I hate it! Everyone parks in the alley because they have so much stuff in their garages their cars don't fit and it makes it so hard to get in and out of our garage. ...

First Deployment - 10 years ago

[i]First off I applaud you for staying in your home instead of running back to parents. It takes a mighty strong woman to stay when her husband's away and go it alone. So good for you. [/i] x1000! ...

Quality Parenting - 10 years ago

I would love to live somewhere that it was illegal to pump your own gas! I always wait until the last minute to get gas and then hope that my husband is with me or using my car so he can get gas for m...

Anyone get pulled over on base for rolling a stop sign? - 10 years ago

I've Never been pulled over on base so idk how it works exactly but I'd assume it works the same as off base. My first ticket was rolling through a stop sign and I was given the option to go to traffi...

Really? - 10 years ago

I've taken my daughter and myself to urgent cares out in town and never got a bill either.

soccer - 10 years ago

My daughter is 7 and had played on a youth sports team for soccer for the past 2 seasons, going on 3. She's had the same coaches the whole time and they are awesome. My daughter has learned a lot and ...

POLL: What would you do? - 10 years ago

Just like YouReallyThinkSo said, if its a day camp your supposed to drop your kids off and go. My daughter is 7 and starts soccer camp next month on mainside, the coordinator told me to drop her off a...

worried:/ - 10 years ago

My husband had something similiar happen to him, we weren't getting seperations pay but he did get over paid for something else and had to pay it back. They will fix it and give your check back and yo...

Question to parents - 10 years ago

I'm not sure where Santee is, but I'm sure I can google it! Thanks for the info, I'm definitely gonna try to go soon! My daughter is 7 and I think she would love it, although I would only take her to ...

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