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Question to parents

who's talking here?

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BlueBettas --- 5 years ago -

To start, I am not a parent, which is probably why I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around this. Having pointed this out, here's what happened to me tonight.

Since my hubby was on duty, I took the opportunity to go to the drive-in to see Magic Mike (rated R) and What To Expect When You're Expecting (rated PG-13). Needless to say, they were two movies my husband didn't have interest in seeing. While I was there, there were a few cars with parents who brought their kids. The car next to me had a toddler that spent almost the entire first movie (Magic Mike) screaming out of the driver side window trying to get my attention, as well as fiddling with the dashboard (their blinkers kept being turned on and off). It was very hard to focus on the movie with this going on right next to me.

What I would like to know is why a parent feels it is okay to take their child to a rated R movie. Being Magic Mike, there was a lot of mostly nude men, and a lot of swear words. Does the rating no longer matter because it is a drive-in? Or is it because since the child isn't actually watching the movie, it's okay for them to sit in the car and hear all that swearing. I'd also would like to know why it seems to be okay for them to have their windows down, and allow the kid to scream out the window as well as turn the blinkers on. Again, is it because it's a drive-in being courteous is not required?

I can only guess why they opted to save money by not hiring a sitter to watch the movies. It might even be difficult to find a sitter for an activity that occurs so late at night (the second movie wasn't over until 12:15). But if I had a kid, and wanted to see these movies, but couldn't find a sitter, I wouldn't have gone. I would have waited for the movies to come out on DVD/BluRay and rent them instead. Once you have kids, does this line of thinking go out the window? Once you become a parent, do you stop caring about whether or not you are disrupting other people's evenings? Or were these just the type of people who don't care about disturbing other people as long as they get to do what they want? 

shizzlemydizzle --- 5 years ago -

When we were little, my parents used to take us to the drive-in with the idea, we would sleep while the movie was playing.

Most of the time we did, sometimes we didn't. 

Vod Kaknockers --- 5 years ago -

It is different types of parenting, some parents don't care what their kids watch or hear, while others do. There are also parents who don't care that their child(ren) are disrupting others. I personally don't mind swearing in shows around my child, but nudity is a no go.

However, I am also the same person that if my child starts throwing a fit for any reason in public, she is told to stop or we are dropping everything and she is going to timeout in the truck. Actually did this on Saturday while at the Comm. we went to the truck while hubby continued shopping. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 5 years ago -

We tried the drive in once before we had our third child when we lived in 29 Palms. Our 2 year old was still a baby and he wasnt having it so we left. Just because I want to see something doesnt mean Im going to disrupt everyone who wants to see it. And in 29 Palms they usually had a kids movie first and than a grown up movie after. 

PrettyInPink --- 5 years ago -

Where is there a drive in around here? I've never been to a drive in but I think it would be fun :) 

BlueBettas --- 5 years ago -

The closest drive in to Pendleton that I know of is in Santee. I'm still in 29 Palms (will be till August 7th!)
Actually the Santee drive in gives more options because it has 2 screens, instead of just one like here in 29 Palms.

If you're willing to do the drive, the drive-in is a great way to go to the movies without spending a lot of money. Plus you can bring all the snacks and treats you want, or buy from the concessions. I've never bought anything from the concessions in Santee, but the one here in 29 is soooo much cheaper than a regular theater. $3.50 for a huge tub of popcorn!
The only downside is they only take cash... so be prepared for that 

Champ --- 5 years ago -

We don't watch adult tv/movies around our children (almost 2 and 6.5yo)Occassionally we will set up a movie in the play room or spare room for them to watch while we put our movie on, and the little comes wondering out. Depending on the movie we will pause and wait til she goes back to the other room, or if it's a romance/comedy we might continue to play it as long as it's kosher.

We took the girls to the drive in the other day for the frst time it was madagascar. We "rednecked" it up and put our chairs in the back of the truck. It was like a playpen so they couldn't run around. Both were great (as the movie was geared towards their age).

Our drive in has the option to listen through the radio (I assume most do?) So I'm not understanding why the parent of the child didn't just roll up their window and run their car if needed for AC purposes. I mean even as a parent how can you watch a movie when 2 feet from you in the same car is a screaming child? I couldn't do it, I'd have a massive headache. 

DoUntoOthers --- 5 years ago -

Because in this "new age" of parenting...most parents think about what they want, not what is good for their child or society. And the worst part is if you had tried to complain you would have been labeled the bad guy. My husband and I went to see Hangover when it first came out. We could only get into the later show (around 9:00) pm. You would be shocked at how many kids were at that movie. I sort of understand the idea that a child will sleep at a drive-in, but most don't. There is too much going on. But a walk-in theatre? I consider those people to be pathetic losers who happen to be parents-but who have NO business being parents. I don't give a you know what if you want to see Hangover, you friggin get a babysitter or wait for it to come out on DVD. What part of R do you not understand?? Most children up to age 12 need about 9-10 hours of sleep a night. How exactly will they be able to achieve that if you are keeping them out until midnight or later??

I feel so sad the way children are being raised in this day and age. I hear a lot of "oh they're kids, they will be fine, it won't affect them". Really? Look around you at our society at the state we are in. Do you not see how your actions are preventing your children from becomming responsible, law-abiding citizens? And yes, I do believe that there is a connection. Because if you are willing to allow your children into an R rated movie at 10:00 at night, what else are you allowing your child to do? 

PrettyInPink --- 5 years ago -

I'm not sure where Santee is, but I'm sure I can google it! Thanks for the info, I'm definitely gonna try to go soon! My daughter is 7 and I think she would love it, although I would only take her to a kid friendly movie, and (even though I think she's a bit old for this ill say it anyway) if she started throwing a fit and interrupting the movie for others I would just leave. Its common courtesy.
I would never let my child see magic mike, or any other movie that is similiar to it. I can't say I don't let her watch rated r movies, because she does love to watch scary movies and some are rated r. They don't scare her and she loves them so I don't say no. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 5 years ago -

Santee is about a hour and half away. Its a drive, but if you really enjoy the drive in I guess its worth it. I hate driving that late at night with my kids, specially the freeway and on the weekends. To many people are ok with drinking and driving. 

GardenWitch --- 5 years ago -

We only took the kids to the matinee shows that were geared for their age, other than that they didn't set foot in a theater until they were older and could SIT through a age appropriate movie for two hours.

I don't think I saw anything other than G rated movies for 15 years, unless I rented it!

Parents now either seem to have ZERO control over their kids or couldn't care less that their child/ren are annoying everyone else. I swear to God, if I hear one more parent threaten their child with a time out for the 19th time and NOT put the fricken child in a time out I might shoot the parent.

Then there's the parents who already have a couple kids they can't handle, and "they" decide they want another one. I had one neighbor with two kids and a lab puppy. She would spend HOURS everyday yelling the kids to stop doing this, stop doing that, you are going to be put in the corner. I couldn't even sit on my back porch and read a book, it was so obnoxious. Those kids, ages 2 and 4, totally manipulated her all day long. THEN she says if she got pregnant again they would get rid of the dog "as it would be too much for her." Um, you can't handle the KIDS but you are planning on getting pregnant and getting rid of the DOG?

They spent 2 grand training that dog,(obedience, hunting etc) they should have spent the 2 grand training MOM to deal with the kids. 

AZbound --- 5 years ago -

It's funny that you ask this because just last night my sister in law and I went to see Magic Mike and to our surprise there were at least 5 kids ages 5-7 or so in the theatre watching it too!!!! There were also a couple that were younger.
I guess everyone is different and have different parenting styles/values but I would never even think about taking my kids to something like that. Why not just wait till it comes out on DVD?

But then again some parents think it's ok to smoke/drink while pregnant, take their kids to crazy drunk parties, not discipline their children, let them run the household, etc. so I guess this shouldn't be too surprising. 

BlueBettas --- 5 years ago -

It's funny that you ask this because just last night my sister in law and I went to see Magic Mike and to our surprise there were at least 5 kids ages 5-7 or so in the theatre watching it too!!!

Those ages the kids are old enough to pay attention to the movie, as apposed to a baby who wouldn't be aware of what's going on. I can just see the parents having to explain to their kids why those men were taking their clothes off. Talk about giving your kid the idea of that lifestyle being glamorous and a great way to earn money. I wonder how many of those kids will turn out to be strippers themselves when they are older because they saw it in the movie. 

Momma2Fur --- 5 years ago -

Movie that are sexually explicit are a huge no-go for us, especially since we have a "tween". They even cover their eyes on Nick shows where a young teen couple just have a quick kiss. I'm strict when it comes to modesty. How will they ever learn to respect their bodies when the media teaches anything but?

Curse words I'm not as strict on because they are harder to predict in movies, and we have the occasional slip at home. They know they are "bad" words, and not something a good kid uses. The worst we battle is the word "stupid" which is my biggest pet peeve of all.

Honestly, most parents these days don't parent with a purpose. They're just "getting through" the next 18 years without any goals in mind. What they fail to realize is they are their childs biggest influence, and most aren't very influential people, sadly. 

KayLay --- 5 years ago -

I don't have kids so this blows my mind just as much as you.

But my real question is... Where did you go to the drive in at? I have been DYING to go to one! 

BlueBettas --- 5 years ago -

But my real question is... Where did you go to the drive in at? I have been DYING to go to one!

I'm still in 29 Palms till we move to Escondido next month. So it was here in 29 Palms. There is a drive in down in Santee, which is East of Miramar... North of El Cajon... off of the 67. so an hour and a half south/south East of Camp Pendleton 

AZbound --- 5 years ago -

south bay drive-in is a really good one! =0) 

Clinical Depression --- 5 years ago -

Someone shot up a midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado hours ago, and children are a part of the wounded/victims. As I am sure there is plenty of violence in the movie itself, couldn't you wait to see it during the day if you couldn't find a sitter? NO ONE knew it would happen then, but bringing your child to a midnight premiere? Parents need to be parented. 

Clinical Depression --- 5 years ago -

I *get* massacres could happen during broad daylight at the grocery store, especially at schools, but midnight premieres, Black Friday shopping are not for parents to be dragging their children to. The movie will be in theaters for a while. I know it's the hype around being part of the first group in your city to see it, but forcing your child to wait outside in whatever weather, waiting etc? 

Champ --- 5 years ago -

I don't bring my children out that late nor do I find it an appropriate time for a wee one to be awake, but trying to shift blame onto a parent from a psycho is ridiculous on so many levels. More (read most) massacres happen in broad daylight than after dark. 

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