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I joined this crazy place on 2011-12-13, 11 years ago.

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Improving things? - 9 years ago

Gain some common sense? Fire the Fro's? Quit enabling the entitled gimme gimme crowd? Aw well, a person can dream.

Below, in, above zone - 10 years ago

I think he might be tricking you. The gunny board just wrapped up in July? They won't have a new maradmin with the new zones and other info for several months.

5 things.... - 10 years ago

It's not Camp Lejeune and I never have to go back there. Everything else is just the icing on the cake.

Food drive on base? - 10 years ago

I call them the GimmeGimme's. But you have to do it with the pac man sounds from the game in your head, LOL. We went to Sea World last weekend, got in for free, spent some money on lunch and parkin...

Just wondering... - 10 years ago

Sheesh. It's a nickname, or " he made a boot mistake" but hey I'm sure the SNCO's would be happy to call those who have a problem with it by another name.

Am I being to passive or blind ? - 10 years ago

[i]I would talk it over with your husband and just tell him the relationship makes you uncomfortable and that you think it is inappropriate and to please stop communicating with her. Ask your husband ...

Just wondering... - 10 years ago

What's hurtful about it? It's just Marine slang for younger Marines (recruits, and/or first termers) who haven't quite learned the ropes yet. Every Marine since the beginning of time was considered...

Am I being to passive or blind ? - 10 years ago

An emotional attachment can be just as devastating to a relationship as a physical one if it crosses boundaries and takes time and energy away from the marriage-which should be their primary relations...

POLL: What do you do that relieves stress the best? - 10 years ago

[i]Kick the dog, beat the kids and add a small amount of arsenic to husband's food. [/i] ;-) Then buy a single plane ticket to Hawaii.

- 10 years ago

The beach is free, plus it's close by. He can put some sand in a bottle. Problem solved.

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