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I joined this crazy place on 2012-04-11, 10 years ago.

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cheaters - 8 years ago

I have no issues with it.

cheaters - 9 years ago

[i]hump 5-7-9 etc miles through the hills of Camp Pendleton carrying 80-100 lbs of gear, we can gather the energy to give some luckily little lady the best 5 minutes of her life. [/i] HAHAHA- this ...

One of our own needs support - 9 years ago

[i]She posted a new fundraiser at the prompting of others and stated he had life insurance for 120 days after retirement and he killed himself on day 134, well why didn't he buy into it after it expir...

Knoxville Tennessee - 9 years ago

Pigeon Forge/gatlinburg is super close to there. You will have no problem finding something to do in the area. I don't live there, but my really good friend is from there, and is now back living th...

cheaters - 9 years ago

My hubs and I meet up often. He's busy on the road with work and what not. So, if I'm driving to a target, and call him and he's in the area or knows he will be back in the area in an hour or so. I wi...

LONG SHOT "dity move" - 9 years ago

I appreciate.

GI BILL spouse transfer - 9 years ago

Posting this on another underground too, but I've called the VA, and I'm not really getting a direct answer or even a round about answer. To me it seems straight forward of a question. My hubs is g...

LONG SHOT "dity move" - 9 years ago

Probably not, but I know last time we pcsed they didn't offer any type of calculator for figuring out what they would give you to move yourself vs just letting them move you. Anyone recently PCSed ...

One of our own needs support - 9 years ago

I know my dad's wife did not get his pension either from the military (did get his city benefits though) nor my mother (ex wife who "rated" 30% of his retirement).

One of our own needs support - 9 years ago

I've been told suicide makes life insurance policies void. Also my dad retired and I paid 6k out of pocket reimbursement is only $300 for the burial fee, nothing else. He can get a bugle play and gun ...

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