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Knoxville Tennessee

who's talking here?

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Bradleysmommy09 --- 8 years ago -

Anyone from or have lived around knoxville? my husband has orders to a small town south of there to be a recruiter (fun -_- ) we have never been anywhere besides here in california and we are from texas. we have no idea where to start looking to live or any information on which neighborhoods are good. so stressful to move somewhere you have never been and you arent near a base for support. thanks 

KnightRider --- 8 years ago -

I'm not really sure about neighborhoods but my grandparents live in Sevierville which is about 30mins-an hour from there. We really love visiting there and if you love the outdoors you'll find lots to do. I think Nashville is pretty close to there and Dollywood (an amusement park by Dolly). 

Champ --- 8 years ago -

Pigeon Forge/gatlinburg is super close to there. You will have no problem finding something to do in the area.

I don't live there, but my really good friend is from there, and is now back living there, and we went to visit once. It seemed like a decent area to raise a family, but depending on how rural your husband's office is could make for fun times (that's sarcasm)

I'll see if I can get "ideal" areas to live in the area from her. 

sweetcheeks --- 8 years ago -

Gatlinburg is awesome 

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