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I joined this crazy place on 2009-10-31, 13 years ago.

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Military Freebies - 10 years ago

I certainly do not get offended if they do not offer an military discount. However, what does irritate me is when they offer it the first Monday of the month or only on M-TH nights. I think it is kind...

Stay at home moms - 10 years ago

Ok seriously... I dont understand what any stay at home mom does, that I dont while working full time and going to school? My house is clean, I pay all the bills, I cook dinner, and everything else. ...

question... - 10 years ago

I hate that Temecula parking lot!!! Everytime we went to eat there, we drove around for 20+ minutes waiting for a parking spot! So irritating. However, if your business is a place I can come to during...

sgt. course??? - 10 years ago

Mine has been through it.. Maybe I can help?

Online school... - 10 years ago

Apparently you did not talk to anyone very well informed.. Are you talking to a general admissions advisor or a military one? I can send you contact information for people who know what they are talki...

Housing and blacklights - 10 years ago

I don't have personal experience with this but I know there are TONS of threads on this if you search at the top!

Online school... - 10 years ago

Ashford University has many ways for the age requirement to be waived. I did it myself when I attended there and am familiar with the process since I worked there after I graduated. Just talk to someo...

How was your - 10 years ago

I don't have any pics :( Husband is gone.. But I would LOVE to see everyone else's!

How was your - 10 years ago

I miss the old PU where there would be 10 pages of people talking about their ball and posting their pictures.. It is LAME sauce now!

PROS and CONS on leasing a vehicle. - 10 years ago

I personally think leasing is such a dumb financial decision. Just my personal opinion!

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