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DUI - 9 years ago

Someone would be charged or not. If they weren't charged at the time of the stop, they won't be charged down the line unless LEO is waiting for the results of BAL. Unless you are personally involve...

New mom need help working breast pump - 9 years ago

There are several resources available. See if there is a La Leche League office locally. Call the hospital and see if they have a lactation consultant. If not, ask if they can refer you to one. ...

Vent-what can I do? - 9 years ago

From the 5 or so Marines I know who DIDN'T want out and got bounced through med sep. They did everything they could to stay in, including ignoring their limdu to keep up with the unit.

Vent-what can I do? - 9 years ago

[i]Med Sep and getting your finances in order at this stage is a ridiculous suggestion talk about jumping the gun with assumptions.[/i] No, MC is looking for any excuse to downsize the ranks. Hurt/...

Vent-what can I do? - 9 years ago

YOU can't do anything. Your husband needs to grow a pair and go up the chain of command. If he's hurt, he better be prepared for a med sep in the near future. Start getting your finances in ...

I Keep Reading It... - 9 years ago

Don't forget about the GI Bill and MyCAA.

Base Housing & Rank??? - 9 years ago

No, not disrespectful. Was she upset for the upper E's when her husband was on the lower end of the spectrum and getting the same housing? I think not.

question... - 9 years ago

Depends on how old the carpet is. You'll find out tomorrow when the inspection is done.

Base Housing & Rank??? - 9 years ago

So, now that your husband is at the upper end of the E class, you now have a problem with the housing arrangement? Wasn't so bad when he was at the bottom of the pile though, eh?

Base Housing & Rank??? - 9 years ago

It's been that way for quite some time, on most, if not all, bases. The home offered is based on rank, number of dependents, as well as availability. If a Marine rates a 3 bedroom and only 4 bedroo...

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