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I Keep Reading It...

who's talking here?

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Clinical Depression --- 9 years ago -

..but maybe my "uneducated" mind can't comprehend what they are talking about.

Someone clue me in.

"So lucky to be surrounded by such amazing men that sacrifice so much for what sometimes seems so little".

It's apparent her focus in on the amount of material things in exchange for serving in the military.

Last I checked the troops:
-Receive gratitude every single holiday not even related to the military.
-Military discounts DO exist, not everywhere, but they're not exactly scare around Camp P.
-Free base healthcare; ever had medical bills in the "real world" for some of the injuries you've sustained? Oh no you have a $1,000 deductible on Standard? Get a taste of the real world where deductibles are $12,500/yr where co-pays do not count towards that amount.
-Free room & board: barracks/chow hall and BAH & BAS if you're married. This means you don't have to "pay" for housing in the traditional sense that civilians who have to live out of their paychecks.
-Pay does start out crappy, but the military doesn't expect people to have 2/3 dependents as a Lance. As you move up in rank like civilians move up in the work force, you get more. I think it's a humbling system--the harder you work the more you get rewarded. If the military was paid like CEOS, they would be less willing to work as hard.

To the service member: if the reward of joining the military is not "good enough" in exchange for your life, THEN DON'T JOIN. It must not be THAT bad if our friends who've gotten out have gone right back IN the service.

A lot of people are impoverished by their lifestyle choices. I also see that the more kids a person has the exponentially they complain about the military not getting paid "enough". Every page I seem to turn to "my husband doesn't get paid enough" "the military should be on food stamps", yet these people have 3+ kids, and choose to live the life of relying on food giveaways instead of cutting the cable, and starting themselves at the bare minimum to improve their circumstances. 

shizzlemydizzle --- 9 years ago -

Don't forget about the GI Bill and MyCAA. 

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