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Clinical Depression

I joined this crazy place on 2012-04-04, 11 years ago.

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I Keep Reading It... - 9 years ago

..but maybe my "uneducated" mind can't comprehend what they are talking about. Someone clue me in. [i]"So lucky to be surrounded by such amazing men that sacrifice so much for [u]what sometimes ...

TAX REFUND PSA - 9 years ago

I understand a LOT of people use their tax refund to pay down debt, but a lot are about spending spending all that money money money---but then during the year they complain about being pi## poor and ...

What do the colored lights mean ? - 9 years ago

[i]was it a red truck? [/i] YES! You red ;) my mind! /sarcasm/. To be RED all over.


I know what amicable means, but why would you suggest he let her use it over him? One way or another they aren't both going to be able to use Pendleton, he works there she can travel as she pleases f...

What do the colored lights mean ? - 9 years ago

I get they're a bunch of "old wives tales", but c'mon, people try pretty hard to defend them ;) . Even if they were old wive's tales and you knew about them I would make sure NOT to do any of them. T...


[i]he should let you use camp pendleton[/i] Why? It's every person for themselves. Let her take base legal and get screwed over, no way.


Off-base. LOL, no really, Serra Mesa is the ghetto as far as it goes community-wise. Search for threads on here about it. You can find much better housing off base for less if it's just the two of you...

One of our own needs support - 9 years ago

[i]but his outcome should clear a few things up.[/i] LOL True story. Once you're out you're on your own to keep everything in check.

One of our own needs support - 10 years ago

[i]If he retired, his funeral is paid for by the govt and he had life insurance. Why does she need to raise funds? [/i] She posted a new fundraiser at the prompting of others and stated he had life...

One of our own needs support - 10 years ago

Unfortunate it had to come to that for her husband.

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