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I joined this crazy place on 2012-05-20, 10 years ago.

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I'm married to a marine, who is being transferred to the 9th Comm at Camp Pendleton. I am super exited to be moving to the area (we were in the area when my husband went to Afghanistan with a wing from MIRAMAR). Sadly when he came back from his tour, we were sent back to 29 Palms! I am excited to be headed back to the coast! Hopefully I can get information here to make the move smoother, as well as meet some people in the area.

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Love Boat Sushi - 10 years ago

I Love their Rainbow rolls.... but really just about everything they have there is great.

Frustrated by people's lack of reading skills... - 10 years ago

Why is it when some people post comments on discussions, they don't completely read the post they are commenting on? It's like they skim the post, ignoring key words which then changes the meaning, a...

SPOKE TO TEACHER!!!Anyones child at Mary Fay Pendleton in Kindergarten? Naps? - 10 years ago

[i]Maybe it's a matter of your child lays down on his own. It's not something they HAVE TO do, it's just something your child chooses to do and the teacher doesn't want to encourage it by allowing bla...

Need some parenting suggestions - 10 years ago

[i]I actually don't spend more then $10 myself on my own shoes. I go to goodwill and buy myself really inexpensive things. I spend more money on my husband and my daughter then I do myself. The last p...

Good place to go out for dinner?? - 10 years ago

For the Cinepolis, the La Costa theater is the one in Carlsbad, Del Mar is technically the San Diego location, and further south.

Need some parenting suggestions - 10 years ago

Now having a better understanding of your step daughter's history, I agree counseling is a must. You should be able to get a power of attorney really quickly, it takes minutes not days. With your hu...

Need some parenting suggestions - 10 years ago

When I was 7 I had to do things like put the dishes away, vacuum, clean my room, fold towels, set the table, pick up dog poop in the backyard... my mom had a list of various chores and each chore was ...

Loud annoying neighbors - 10 years ago

Vent away! I can relate to your pain. I have a neighbor across the street that does the same thing, except his music is Mexican Polka... so he's rockin' out to a tuba!

Need some parenting suggestions - 10 years ago

I agree that she should work for what she wants. She'll be more likely to take care of something if she had to work to get it in the first place. I'd like to think the more time and effort put into ...

Any ladies interested in a job? - 10 years ago

What is an EFT caller?

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