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EFMP status and PCSing - 8 years ago

Don't quote me on this, but I am nearly 100% positive Lejeune DOES have facilities either at the naval hospital or out in town (possible Wilmington) to treat both children.

Pregnancy Questions - 9 years ago

All standard care is 100% covered. Any testing you choose to have done outside of normal standard care testing will be out of pocket. There is also a hospital stay fee which is like $20/day or somethi...

New to start mesa housing...feels haunted :( - 9 years ago

Probably the boogyman, or maybe the Easter bunny.....or just maybe your imagination getting the best of you....

How much? - 9 years ago

I pay my nanny 150/week for two kids. She works M-F about 25-35 hours a week. We pay an additional 30 for date nights or if we need her on a Saturday or Sunday. She is by far the best nanny we have ev...

mojave viper - 9 years ago


confirm positive preggo test - 10 years ago

It is most likely bc MANY women will get a positive test and then miscarry shortly after. Two weeks is not that long to wait. They most likely won't even see you for an appt until you are 10-12 weeks ...

Divorce 101... - 10 years ago

Do NOT leave the state until you either have his (in writing) or the courts permission.

question... - 10 years ago

It depends on how much I need whatever said business has and if I am able to get it somewhere else at a competitive price.

? about money - 10 years ago

Don't feed the trolls people

Deployed tax refund - 10 years ago

It really depends on how your filing (joint, head of house etc). Also what your gross household income was, and dependents if there are some. When my husband deployed we had one child Anne was gone 8 ...

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