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I joined this crazy place on 2009-09-17, 13 years ago.

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Happily Married Marine Wife. Mother to a Beautiful, Crazy, Screaming, Opinionated Daughter. "The Marine Corps is my Hubby's Mistress and sometimes that bitch gets all the attention!" "Behind every man is an exhausted woman." Check out my website!

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hey little mouse.. - 11 years ago

Our neighbors moved out about 3 months after we moved in. They warned us because they caught 9 mice in their garage when they were packing. I thought we were lucky. Guess not.

hey little mouse.. - 11 years ago

All the traps I set had peanut butter in them. It was a sticky trap that was supposed to clamp down on the mouse when they stepped on the sticky part. It never clamped down. The first traps I got the ...

hey little mouse.. - 11 years ago

We lived in Santa Margarita for more than 2 years. 2 months before we moved, I saw a mouse. I got traps and I saw him walk in and out of it 3 times. My husband got him out of the house and the little ...

Epidural... now that I think of it.. - 11 years ago

I felt a pinch and that was it.

Newspaper Update - 11 years ago

[i]recently they have only ben putting 1 paper in the machines [/i] Ohhhhhh. I drove all over base and Oceanside looking for papers. I needed them for packing paper for the move.

WTF? - 11 years ago

IPAC is the reason my husband is still in California and I have been in New Orleans over a week. They really suck!!!

Leg cramp during pregnancy - 11 years ago

I would wake up with leg cramps all the time when I was pregnant. I got them out by stretching though. Hope you find something that helps.

Bonus board 2012 - 11 years ago

When my husband re-enlisted 4 years ago, his bonus was 36,000. He re-enlisted today and didn't get anything.

I LOVE New Orleans...... - 11 years ago

and their Drive Thru Daiquiri Shops!!!!!!!!!!

Mice in Stuart mesa - 11 years ago

Oh, and we are in Santa Margarita. Mice are all over this base. It is also a mouse preserve.

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