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Bonus board 2012

who's talking here?

jujubeanies 1
Skittles 4
Giggle Butt 1
Charli Transue Photo 5
HappyWifeHappyLifeS 1
Green Chick 3
DoctorDonna 1
YouReallyThinkSo 1
Maddies Mom 1
vw09 2
Barefoot Smiles 1
AJx2 1
Texas9 1
RealTarheelBlood 1
BlueJayWay 1
CaNi 1

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Charli Transue Photo --- 12 years ago -

Is out!!!

Barefoot Smiles --- 12 years ago -


Charli Transue Photo --- 12 years ago -

I am so excited! Let the reenlistment begin! 

Giggle Butt --- 12 years ago -

Thanks. Hubby was just reading through it. 

Charli Transue Photo --- 12 years ago -

No problem. I kno like most ppl this was the one thing holding us back. 

DoctorDonna --- 12 years ago -

What no love for the ROs? lol 0621 wasnt on any of those lists, lol. I don't think he is going to re-up anyway, he is going to get out after this term. 

vw09 --- 12 years ago -

when exactly do they get their bonuses? After school or next year? 

Charli Transue Photo --- 12 years ago -

Depends. Is he lat moving? 

vw09 --- 12 years ago -

yes, he is. currently in the process... 

Charli Transue Photo --- 12 years ago -

After he completes school 

jujubeanies --- 12 years ago -

No love for 0811 either 

Skittles --- 12 years ago -

Is there a read sheet for this out yet? I don't speak green weenie. 

Skittles --- 12 years ago -

Trying to figure out what the multiplier is and just can't seem to find it. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 12 years ago -

Wow, my hubby reuped last year and its less than half of what he got for his MOS. But compared to a couple years ago my husband didnt even get a 10th of what they were giving. 

Skittles --- 12 years ago -

Ya, when my hubs reuped he got just under $60K and I don't think it's gonna be even half that but I'm trying to figure out where the multiplier is. 

Green Chick --- 12 years ago -

waah waah waah

My husband just reenlisted for ZIP so quit yer whinin' lol 

Skittles --- 12 years ago -

I'm not sure what more there is to say then sucks to be him j/k :) 

Texas9 --- 12 years ago -

My husband is reenlisting this year! 

CaNi --- 12 years ago -

This is my job and I find out the Bonus Msg is out on 

RealTarheelBlood --- 12 years ago -

That list sucks.... I just hit zone c last month... missed a 37k bonus. What's worse is I have to extend or re up to execute orders..... ext here we go...then its outs for me.... too valuable to stay in. 

Maddies Mom --- 12 years ago -

Nothing for my husband either, 0612 for zone B but there is for zone A & C. WTF. 

HappyWifeHappyLifeS --- 12 years ago -

When my husband re-enlisted 4 years ago, his bonus was 36,000. He re-enlisted today and didn't get anything. 

AJx2 --- 12 years ago -

Nada for my husbands MOS but thats OK, more incentive for him to be out and DONE! 

Green Chick --- 12 years ago -

What's worse is I have to extend or re up to execute orders

This is what happened to my husband. They wouldn't let him extend because he didn't have enough time left. Funny how that worked out huh. They made him just reenlist so he could finalize his orders. Otherwise he would have gotten 13k when he was ready to reenlist. 

BlueJayWay --- 12 years ago -

Yay for husbands who aren't reenlisting :) where's the love for that club, huh?! 

Woot woot! One more year :) 

Green Chick --- 12 years ago -

This is my job and I find out the Bonus Msg is out on

Gotta be quicker than the poo ;)

You should just start checking here first. 

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