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Epidural... now that I think of it..

who's talking here?

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Mrs Patch 6
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Mrs Patch --- 12 years ago -

So, just wondering, but did you feel anything when you got the epirdural? Any pain at all? 

Hokey*Pokey --- 12 years ago -

pain from the epidural or pain from labor after getting the epidural? 

Red Headed Mamma --- 12 years ago -

Nope.. Felt a pop & that was it. 

Mrs Patch --- 12 years ago -

Pain when the needle went in. I can't remember for the life of me if there was pain or not. I remember the cold feeling after... pain during.. no. 

Smile --- 12 years ago -

A slight pinch. 

Hokey*Pokey --- 12 years ago - i didn't feel pain. lots of pressure though 

Doo Schnugget --- 12 years ago -

I had pain but it was because my epidural didn't take. I only got numb on one side.. the other side felt everything. 

newhere --- 12 years ago -

Mine hurt, but I flinched when she did it. 

hailstorm --- 12 years ago -

Mine didn't take until AFTER I gave birth and then only half of my body was numb. Lmao. Freakin fail. It wasn't awful though. I got nauseas when they were giving it to me. 

Doo Schnugget --- 12 years ago -

Ugh it made me vomit like horrible all through the end of my labor. I didn't get it till I was 17 hours in and it really didn't help much. It was like I had taken a vicodin or something. Not much relief at all, but I was progressing really slow and dr said if I chose not to get the epi I was more likely to get a c-section because when time came to push I would be more exhausted.. and c-sec was my last resort, even though I wanted to go all natural. 

Karen25 --- 12 years ago -

I didnt feel anything ....but they gave md stadol ..think thats the name...and I was so out of it..i didnt feel one contraction the crowning nothing :)... Although I think my doc was upset about that she seemed like it..i dont know I was so drugged. The guy who.did it was kinda wacky seeing ad he put iodine on me without adking what my allergy was...and then he realizes when my husband states its iodine.. 

ALEM --- 12 years ago -

I really regret getting the damn epidural! Its been nothing but a pain for me! 

CourtesyFlush --- 12 years ago -

I didn't feel a thing. I was in so much pain at the time. I just remember yelling at the guy because he kept telling me to tuck into the fetal position and I was tucked as much as my huge belly would allow so I was getting pissed! Haha 

ALS MommaKitty --- 12 years ago -

they tried to give me one for my first one but the hiccups mixed with intense contractions I never got it turned on. Sat back and she was born, no pushing. 

MylilZombie --- 12 years ago -

i had pressure and a slight pinch but that was it.... ash logans mommy how did the epidural screw up ur back just wondering... 

HappyWifeHappyLifeS --- 12 years ago -

I felt a pinch and that was it. 

foxed --- 12 years ago -


OH YEAAA --- 12 years ago -

No but my back hurts every morning 

Doo Schnugget --- 12 years ago -

I get the most horrible horrible cripping back pains randomly. It feels like I was hit with a ton of bricks in the middle of my back suddenly and takes my breath away for a few minutes. I have to take very shallow breaths and lay on one side and wait. Sometimes it will last hours, and I literally can not get up during that time. I wasn't sure if it was epi-related or if it's from my other host of pregnancy related problems the kid left me with. 

SuKitty --- 12 years ago -

1st time- felt nothing, easy labor after the epidural got started!!

2nd time- felt nothing BUT the epidural didn't work, when it was time to push... I felt every burn sensation my vagina could possibly felt. But I didn't feel the contractions or nothing. So I guess my epidural was not strong enough or I have a high pain tolerance. Not sure which but I sure felt everything... The head coming through the birth canal was the weirdest feeling ever! 

ALEM --- 12 years ago -

with Ashlyns Labor and Delivery, i felt NADA, she was all natural too, i think when it came time to push i asked for some tylenol(yes laugh). then i was pissed more at the dr who stitched me up(ok i got 6 stitches if that) because it hurt like hell. I loved the fact that i was up and walkin 20 minutes after she was born.

Logans labor was HELL! from fathers day 2010 to July 28 i was in SOOOOO much pain! Got the epi. Still felt contractions and then less than 5 minutes after the dr and anesthesiologist left the room i made the hubby run and get them. they checked and like a minute later he was here. no stitches though (sweet) but I couldn't get up and walk until like 2-3 hours after because of the epi. 

lovemylittefamily --- 12 years ago -

Epidural helped me in a way. I still felt pain in my back when i had to push, when i was pushing, when he was coming out and when the doctor was sowing me up. When i ad the eager to push and when i was pushing I almost cried of pain but my husband hold my hand and tried making me feel better. No pain in front though. The nurse that put my epidural did not put it right because the doctor was telling me to get in a fetal position and i did as much as i could cus my belly was in the way and i couldnt even breath so i was moving and he couldnt even do it right. He pocked me like 7 times until he got half of it done right. Now my back hurts so much. I cannot even last along time standing up because i start having pain. 

Doo Schnugget --- 12 years ago -

My labor was so intense.. I didn't get out of the bed till that evening *he was born at 10 am* and I couldn't stand up without peeing all over myself for the first week. I stood up and my bladder contents were all just rushing out instantly. 

SuKitty --- 12 years ago -

I was able to get up and walk within 30 mins of giving birth. I even freaked the nurses out, but I was fine. 

SuKitty --- 12 years ago -

After reading some of the stories from you ladies, I feel extremely lucky to have had NO complications during my pregnancy. 

Doo Schnugget --- 12 years ago -

ugh, thinking about it makes me never ever want to have more kids. My labor was horrible, nothing at all good about it except I had an amazing doctor and nurses and the hospital was great. 

Mrs Patch --- 12 years ago -

I was so scared. I cried. NOW it's funny, but I was really worried - y'know after reading all those NH horror stories. 

Mrs T Goin to Jail --- 12 years ago -

I didn't feel any pain, just some pressure. But boy, was I a happy camper after that! 

ALEM --- 12 years ago -

i keep saying if for some reason the IUD fails me (god i hope not!) then i want Logans pregnancy and Ashlyns delivery. i'd be golden! Both of them were out in under 3h 45m. 

Smile --- 12 years ago -

Okay question after (6+months) do you still have back pain where you got the epi? 

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