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Pediatric Dentist - 10 years ago

Carlsbad Pediatric Smiles was awesome with my daughter. They're just for kids, have tvs in the ceiling above the chairs, the kids get a balloon, prize, etc. There's even video games in the waiting r...

How much should I charge? - 10 years ago

will she be feeding him breakfast before he comes to your house? take that into consideration, bc if you're only charging 10-15 but you have to provide food, then it may end up costing you money or j...

Free Again - 10 years ago

Just click the link, and when you register (just your email and name) it will automatically give you 100 bids. I get more everyday to give away after that at random times. :)

Free Again - 10 years ago

I have more

Free Again - 10 years ago

You're welcome :) I still have more, so if you want, you can tell your spouse/friends/family to sign up with that link, too.

Free Again - 10 years ago

Bump. I still have enough bids for a few more people (each getting 100 free bids). I'd like to get rid of these

Free Again - 10 years ago

I have a bunch of bids for an online penny auction if anybody would like them. Normally they cost $1 per bid, but like I said, I have a ton of them for free. (a penny auction is an auction where eac...

- 10 years ago

i met some genuine people at the hobby shop during quilt making and cake decorating classes. I also had some luck at zumba at the mainside gym. otherwise, almost all of my friends i met off base pla...

Onyx Hair Salon Turndown ~RANT :) - 10 years ago

[i]How do you know another spouse didn't get the job? And as far as someone else being a "better fit", perhaps your personality would be an issue to the other stylists. Just because you have all...

concession check question - 10 years ago

[i]I feel better. I checked today and since we have a three bedroom we could only get it if we had two children. [/i] better get on that second baby! j/k ;)

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