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I joined this crazy place on 2008-05-03, 15 years ago.

» save MylilZombie as my FRIEND - HOSER

Just me and my zombie baby lol

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thoughts on tattoos on women? - 11 years ago

i don't think a woman with a tattoo makes her any less classy I have 4 tattoos and all of them have meanings to them. it took me 2-3 YEARS to even completely decide/design my 1st tattoo and it's a co...

Boobs at Target! - 11 years ago

if a baby is hungry then their going to be fed right? so why should it matter by what means their fed. some women choose to bottle feed others breastfeed. as long as their not whipping the tit straig...

If your going out New Years Eve... - 11 years ago

Just a lil bit of helpful info so everyone can stay safe going into the new year. Don't drink and drive and don't ride with anybody who does. Tipsy Tow offered by AAA: You don't have to be a AAA m...

Pumpkin carving kit - 11 years ago

ya, really i got some yesterday

Pumpkin carving kit - 11 years ago

their $1.00 at wal-mart

Divorce and base housing - 11 years ago

your allowed to stay in base housing until the divorce is final they CANNOT actually kick someone out unless they have a good reason (house is disgusting or housing rules are being broken) i was told ...

ideas.. - 11 years ago

you guys should go to Vigilucci's Italian Restaurant in Carlsbad, AMAZING food and wine! perfect place to have a nice romantic dinner to celebrate you anniversary :)

lets lighten the mooD ANDROID PEEPS - 11 years ago

I was sad cause it doesnt have the hello kitty theme for my phone BUT i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! It has a writing style called fantasy omg i'm gonna have soooo much fun annoying my man with it hahahaha

i feel like im being a smart A## - 11 years ago

you just explained to her how IVF works i dont think your were being a smarta ## you were just telling her what you know. I've always wondered how IVF works and i didnt feel like you were coming off l...

Pys down? - 11 years ago

i'm getting on PYS fine i got a HUGE notice for the owners first but now i its working

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