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i feel like im being a smart A##

who's talking here?

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Samantha --- 7 years ago -

My mother in law is asking me how my IVF works and I'm explaining to her the follicles have to be between 18 and 24 mm in order to conceive. Most women do this naturally every month but since I don't, mine grow artificially with medication. Then I explain to her that my eggs and my husbands sperm are put together in a lab, not inside my body. She just told me I'm being a smart A because "all you need to do is have sex"... clearly through this infertility I have become more educated on how a child is really conceived than most people know. And we get to choose the gender, due date, and have genetic testing done before our child is even put into my body (if we so choose). I kinda feel bad now that she said that. Maybe i should have told her to Google it?? 

MisssChefff --- 7 years ago -

telling her to google it would be smart @ssy...youre in the clear i think 

MylilZombie --- 7 years ago -

you just explained to her how IVF works i dont think your were being a smarta ## you were just telling her what you know. I've always wondered how IVF works and i didnt feel like you were coming off like that 

Kara --- 7 years ago -

Show her the medical bill and maybe she will get the clue that it is beyond having sex at this point.

Good luck. 

Giggle Butt --- 7 years ago -

I'd say you're fine. :) 

Samantha --- 7 years ago -

Ok thanks girls!! She threw me off guard when she said that after asking me how it works. 

whatevergirl2 --- 7 years ago -

Back home a couple my sister knows poured their life savings into all the bells and whistles. They did genetic testing and gender testing. Found out they were all boys. She just miscarried and they are out of money. It's sad. All that extra testing costs so much and they might have lost their chances to try again since they cannot afford it.

I feel blessed we had a huge discount at ntc and that dr. Coffler gave us the same huge discount. Otherwise this little blessing I am packing around would be there.

Best of luck to you Samantha. When does this cycle start? 

Samantha --- 7 years ago -

I start my follistem in 9 days.. the Lupron messed with my estrogen last cycle so we aren't going to do that this time. We aren't going to do all the testing, I just told her we could if we choose to. 

SecretSquirrel --- 7 years ago -

I'm sorry you are dealing with that. :-( Doesn't she understand you wouldn't be spending thousands of dollars and sticking needles in yourself for months just to avoid sex. 

Samantha --- 7 years ago -

She's a darn crazy!! She doesn't even get it at all. She thinks insurance is covering this...she doesn't realize we had to save up to have this done. I love being intimate with my husband, but we need help to have kids. She ignorant to the situation. 

Ella Mafayo --- 7 years ago -

I'd have to play the gross-out game with her..."Well that's the problem...we've been TRYING to get preggers by sex FOREVER! I mean, really trying hard...banging away all the time. He bends me over this way and that, I've gotten really flexible from all the positions we've tried. You just wouldn't believe how much sex we've tried having. Remember that time we stayed with you? Oh, we were humping left and right that weekend, but still nothing." 

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