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cede --- 7 years ago -

So, its my two year anniversary with my husband Sunday. I wanna do something nice, and we're both finally 21 on an anniversary where we can have a little champagne, or whatever! Just enjoy eachother. So I asked him a few months ago if he wanted to do whale watching down at the beach in San Diego, and he said that's lame. I asked him tonight if he wanted to go wine tasting and he was like 'are you serious??' I don't know what to do. We're both 21, and we want to do something romantic, or fun.. But what is something we can do not too far, that is really nice? Any ideas? Any fun things you've done for your anniversary? 

AnonymousWife --- 7 years ago -

How about a dinner cruise? I believe if you google sunset cruises, there is also something where they take you on a boat to see the sunset. 

cede --- 7 years ago -

That sounds nice! i'll have to check that out. He's so damnn picky sometimes, like all men. It's horrible! 

AnonymousWife --- 7 years ago -

What I have noticed with my hubs, is that you "suprise them" dont tell them cuz nothing will sound fun to them. I would prefer a dinner cruise, cuz you can have some champagne. 

AnonymousWife --- 7 years ago -

Also: I have heard that the Pirates dinner show is pretty cool. I went to Medival Times, and that was a lot of fun! 

cede --- 7 years ago -

Oh, I haven't heard of that before either. I just thought both the things I said would be realy nice, and he was like uh, no. Which sucks! 

whatevergirl2 --- 7 years ago -

They have kayaking tours at sunset. That could be different and fun. 

AnonymousWife --- 7 years ago -

and he was like uh, no

Really? That really sucks. you are trying, he needs to understand! :( 

hailstorm --- 7 years ago -

My hubs says no to everything if I ask him first. I'd say do what you think would be fun and he will get over it and realize it IS fun. The sunset kayaking thing sounds awesome though! Congrats btw. 

AnonymousWife --- 7 years ago -

Congrats btw.

Thats right, totally forgot! Congrats! 

MylilZombie --- 7 years ago -

you guys should go to Vigilucci's Italian Restaurant in Carlsbad, AMAZING food and wine! perfect place to have a nice romantic dinner to celebrate you anniversary :) 

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