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I joined this crazy place on 2008-05-03, 10 years ago.

» save MylilZombie as my FRIEND - HOSER

Just me and my zombie baby lol

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Vicks Rub on Feet?? - 7 years ago

[i]hmm, I might try it if (well, probably more like WHEN) she wakes up again. She doesn't have much of a cough yet, but is congested. I plugged in a vicks vapor plug-in thingy a little bit ago, but ho...

14 year old step sister in law. - 7 years ago

how bad are her shenanigans? and have you tried giving your opinion to her if whatever she's doing is really bad?

Vicks Rub on Feet?? - 7 years ago

[url=]vicks rub in feet[/url]

HappyOLmE - 7 years ago


HappyOLmE - 7 years ago

[i]Take it from someone who has lol [/i] lol someone who was iced messaged me a while ago but i guess the second they got out they messaged me and i didnt realize it lol blonde moment hahaha

HappyOLmE - 7 years ago

oh i thought u could i dunno i havent been iced before

HappyOLmE - 7 years ago

you can pm you just cant post on threads

Kat Williams - 7 years ago

I'm Crying from laughing right now

Kara - 7 years ago

[i]YOUR WHOREIBLE WHOREIBLE WHOREIBLE!!! [/i] TOOOOTTAAALLLY thought of this when i read that

HappyOLmE - 7 years ago

hahaha thats funny i love when people judge behind a s/n oh so funny

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