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Leg cramp during pregnancy

who's talking here?

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Mommy2Angels 4
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Mommy2Angels --- 12 years ago -

I got this immense cramp earlier this evening in my calf. I've tried all the "normal" stuff to get rid of it, bath, massage, stretching, but it's not letting up at all. I've never had a cramp like this. It feels like my foot is falling asleep in that leg too, I don't know if it's because of the cramp or something else. Anyone else had a cramp like this, and maybe a suggestion to relieve it? I have a feeling it's going to kill my sleep tonight if I don't ease it a bit. 

Doo Schnugget --- 12 years ago -

It's normal.. Charlie horse. Your muscles get tense because of the hormones, I got SO many of them I would wake up screaming. I know there is some vitamin that's supposed to help but I can't remember which right now. 

Mrs Patch --- 12 years ago -

Have you tried eating a banana? The Vitamin D is supposed to help w/ leg cramps. 

Hokey*Pokey --- 12 years ago -

are you sure it's a cramp? 

Hokey*Pokey --- 12 years ago -

are you sure it's a cramp?

just wondering b/c if you're in pain and your foot is falling asleep as well it might be a blood clot? 

Mommy2Angels --- 12 years ago -

are you sure it's a cramp? 

As far as I can tell...I've never had a blood clot before so I wouldn't have anything to compare it too.

I'll be eating some raisins to get some potassium to see if that's to hoping. 

Samantha07 --- 12 years ago -

Calf stretches daily. Also if you take a rolling pin and roll it on your calf it helps/ feels good. They usually are sore for a few days after it happens. I always got them at the same time in both legs 

HappyWifeHappyLifeS --- 12 years ago -

I would wake up with leg cramps all the time when I was pregnant. I got them out by stretching though. Hope you find something that helps. 

Hokey*Pokey --- 12 years ago -

when i got charlie horses I would lay on my back and flex my foot up as far as I could. that always made them go away for me.

make sure you stay hydrated, that will help with those 

xVivaLaDollx --- 12 years ago -

It's normal and you can google different tips to help. My OB use to tell me to eat a banana before bed and when I got one to try to point my toes towards my face rather then forward like stretching. 

Green Chick --- 12 years ago -

Bananas and milk and what viva just said with the lifting your toe into the air.

I used to get HORRIBLE ones on the inside of my leg while pregnant. I had to drink milk because I am allergic to bananas lol 

Apocalypse --- 12 years ago -

I had them all the time when I was pregnant with my daughter. The only thing that would make them go away for me was to stand up and put all my weight on it. 

Mommy2Angels --- 12 years ago -

For all those been there done that ladies, have you had them bad enough to have your foot feel tingly? That's the only thing that's weird to me. I've gotten some bad ones before during pregnancy, but this one takes the cake. 

xVivaLaDollx --- 12 years ago -

Yep and I've had them so bad I cried a little lol I've been prego 4 times and I had it happen everytime. 

Mommy2Angels --- 12 years ago -

Yep and I've had them so bad I cried a little lol I've been prego 4 times and I had it happen everytime. 

Ok, that makes me feel better. This is my third and it seems like my body knows it's the last because it's throwing in all these random pregnancy things I've never dealt with makes me feel like it's my first time all over again. 

Debra --- 12 years ago -

It's normal.. Charlie horse

i got them a lot when i was prego especially at night, bananas and water help. 

Maureen --- 12 years ago -

Totally with the banana suggestions! 

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