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I LOVE New Orleans......

who's talking here?

HappyWifeHappyLifeS 1
Whitness Protection Team Betty 1
mommysaurus 3

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HappyWifeHappyLifeS --- 12 years ago -

and their Drive Thru Daiquiri Shops!!!!!!!!!! 

Whitness Protection Team Betty --- 12 years ago -

and their Drive Thru Daiquiri Shops!!!!!!!!!!

I miss those. 

mommysaurus --- 12 years ago -

I miss Louisiana :( 

mommysaurus --- 12 years ago -

from here

hubby is. born and raised. we'll be moving back for good in January '13. I spent half of his last deployment there. We live about 45 minutes south of NOLA though 

mommysaurus --- 12 years ago -

he's got relatives in Metairie :)
we share 65 acres with his mom in Cut Off (that name always makes me giggle)
I can't wait to get back! Every time we go to the city, I get sucked into Coyote Ugly :/ 

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