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I joined this crazy place on 2011-08-07, 11 years ago.

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Sexist question - 8 years ago

Do y'all think it's harder for a mom to leave their family behind for a deployment or is it equally hard for moms and dads?

Civilian OB/GYN & Hospital Recommendations? - 8 years ago

I have to second Sally Lang. She's awesome! She is at the clinic in Encinitas but the drive is worth it. I also delivered at Scripps Encinitas and it was great. I had an induction and the nurses wor...

Tricare standards - 9 years ago

That's right, everything else is covered, but I'm guessing you will still have to pay a copay for your first visit to your OBGYN. They will want to follow their usual protocol of starting maternity ca...

Tricare standards - 9 years ago

Why can't you have prime where you are going? If you want to switch to standard, you are right. Fill out the disenrollment form and fax it to Tricare. The date you sign the disenrollment form is th...

Moving to Camp Pendleton while I'm out of the country! - 9 years ago

E6's automatically rate 3 bedrooms whether or not there's any kids. If he has proof that he is getting advanced then he can probably give that info to housing and they will put you in E6 housing. As f...

Healthcare question - 9 years ago

I've never heard of that and don't see it happening unless the person is really messed up. They'll just be lld until they get out. But there is (at least in the Navy) house hunting leave. I forgot how...

Healthcare question - 9 years ago

Do you mean getting sent home like on leave, or sent home to the US? If it's just leave, maybe you are thinking of convalescent leave?

Moving on base in october, please help :) - 10 years ago

Which Wire Mountain are you looking at? 1 & 2 just have fenced patios, but 3 has a fenced yard. I don't know about Stuart Mesa. There are dog parks on base, though.

Moving to Pendleton - 10 years ago

The waiting list depends on which housing you want in. We waited only 1 month for our house in Wire Mountain 1. And if you look at the hot sheet, it shows the houses that are immediately available. I ...

crafty wives? - 10 years ago

I like to sew. Especially making quilts. Something like that would definitely keep you busy because it takes forever to cut up all the fabric. At least it does for me, that's the worst part! You could...

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