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panda soup

I joined this crazy place on 2011-08-07, 11 years ago.

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Housing wait times? - 9 years ago

I thought all the WM2 houses were the same. What's the difference in the SNCO houses?

How much? - 9 years ago

edit- accidentally posted twice

How much? - 9 years ago

It seems like most of these are fair prices. I guess the sitters I had experience with were mostly worried about the money instead of looking after my kid. YouReallyThinkSo- I know exactly what you m...

Help finding a rental - 9 years ago

Have you tried contacting any realtors? I don't know how common it is, but several people I know that bought a house and got orders elsewhere hired their realtors to be their property manager.

How much? - 9 years ago

How much do y'all pay for your date night or full time babysitter? I'm just wondering what the going rate is. The best babysitter I had was for $5 an hour and we even gave her a raise after a few mont...

Weird PYS ad - 10 years ago

That's definitely Kathy. Only she would include her phone number in an ad asking for prayers.

NAME CHANGE: *rEVOLution2012* is now *panda soup* - 10 years ago

that's right, the only thing constant is change

Crime rates? - 10 years ago

How are we supposed to find out about the crime rates in the different housing areas? I called PMO and asked about the crime rates and the guy said that they aren't allowed to tell. What kind of bull ...

New to CP in Deluz need Internet advice! - 10 years ago

We lived near Deluz and we had Cox. We had the whole bundle and it was expensive, around $170 a month. For video streaming you are going to want at least 10 mbps download speed.

need help contacting hmla-169 - 10 years ago

FRO's email:

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