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Moving to Pendleton

who's talking here?

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§babs§ --- 9 years ago -

Hello everyone! I recently received word that we are relocating to Pendleton in June. We have been there before , its been a few yrs ago though. Has much changed since 09? 

§babs§ --- 9 years ago -

Like how long is the waiting list for base housing? we have pets. 

panda soup --- 9 years ago -

The waiting list depends on which housing you want in. We waited only 1 month for our house in Wire Mountain 1. And if you look at the hot sheet, it shows the houses that are immediately available. I didn't move to Camp Pendleton until 2011 but there's a new MCX across from the commissary and they are building a huge hospital right inside the main gate. 

§babs§ --- 9 years ago -

Okay we are looking from the list they gave us at something with a fence , e-6 rank , and 4 kids with pets. They said south mesa1,san onfre,and stuart mesa 2. Which is better by opinion ? which is closer to the beach lol. Like I said its been a minute. 

§babs§ --- 9 years ago -

So we heard South Mesa 1 and Stuart Mesa have the fenced yards , which between the two is best ? Is their a big difference? 

SunnyLove --- 9 years ago -

Isn't SM2 e6 & up? They are better than SM1 in my opinion. I know nothing about Stuart Mesa. As far as fenced in yards, in SM2 and 1 they have then but they are tiny fyi. But at least they do have them, which is good for dogs. Just be prepared to hear lots of barking. Since the homes are so close together and many people leave their dogs out 24/7 you can hear it all night in some places. 

§babs§ --- 9 years ago -

ooh eckk ... well ear plugs time lol ty . 

SunnyLove --- 9 years ago -

Hopefully you'll luck out. Go with SM2 over one. Ask if they'll let you see the floor plans. SM2 seems to flow better. Still has small yards but doable with pets and kids. There are also a few dog parks close by too. 

§babs§ --- 9 years ago -

Thank You! For everything!:-) 

bigmamaperry --- 9 years ago -

I had my house with them 1 day. 

§babs§ --- 9 years ago -

Well we put in for housing as we have web orders, we are on the list they said 3-5 months. 

JennWrapsU --- 9 years ago -

I would go with South Mesa. Stuart Mesa is some of the older housing, smaller, and not in the best shape. The roads aren't nearly as "open" either. 

§babs§ --- 9 years ago -

Thank You Jenn. We applied for South Mesa. I will be though glad to get back west. 

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