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Moving to Camp Pendleton while I'm out of the country!

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alwaysinschool --- 9 years ago -

Hello! I have a ton of questions and could definitely use your advice!

My husband and I are PCSing to Camp Pendleton in July. The catch is that I'm a graduate student and will be in INDONESIA for the summer while he moves everything, so we are trying to figure out everything as soon as possibly before I leave at the end of May.

We are renting out our current house (he's been recruiting out of our home town for the past three years) so we'd like to live on base and not buy or rent off base (but we will if we have to). We have NO kids, he's an E-5 and we have a dog. My husband is waiting for his number to be promoted (all of his other promotions have been meritorious so I'm kind of clueless about how this promotion will go). We are going to CP this week to look around which some friends of ours advised us to do and to talk to the housing people.

My husband will handle our move (serious stress on my part since I will be across the world!) and when I come back to the states I will spend several weeks at a time with him in CP but also go back to AZ since I am finishing my last semester of courses for my PhD. In December I will be 100% full time in CP.

So, on to questions: because my husband will be promoted in the near future, what are the odds that having no kids we can qualify for a 3 bedroom? I am leaving behind a house I adore in AZ that is 3 bedroom and downsizing doesn't sound too exciting (although doable).

If we get E-5 housing and he is promoted to an E-6 in a few months do we move right away? Are they likely just to put us in E-6 housing because he has a number?

Also, what housing has fenced in backyards? Since we aren't planning on having any kids until next year (hopefully!) our baby is our dog Nash and he will be transitioning from a big AZ backyard and doggy door to CP, too. Do any neighborhoods have sliding doors? That way we can get the doggy door that goes right into the sliding doorway. What neighborhoods have fenced backyards? Also, what have you guys done about doggy doors or have you just had your dogs trained to let you know when he needs to go out?

FINALLY, being a recruiter wife has been fun (and insane) and I have made some great friends. The only thing is that all of the wives I know, although around our age, have multiple kids. And we just have a dog. That means that most of the events were kid-oriented (which I don't have a problem with at all- I'm going to be all about that when we have kids!) But being the couple without kids was tough on our military social life. (Ironically almost NONE of our married non-military friends have kids.) Is there a good amount of couples in CP housing without kids?

Thanks ahead of time for your advise and expertise!!! 

panda soup --- 9 years ago -

E6's automatically rate 3 bedrooms whether or not there's any kids. If he has proof that he is getting advanced then he can probably give that info to housing and they will put you in E6 housing. As far as I know, all houses have sliding doors that go to the patio area or backyard if there is one. O'neill Heights has decent sized yards and some houses in Stuart Mesa. I don't know about the others. As for people without kids, since you're husband is an E5, almost E6, most people in E6 neighborhoods are at the age where they already have kids.
When your husband signs the lease you are supposed to sign as well, so you might want to ask the housing people if you can wait to sign until later when you are available or if your husband needs to get a POA for you so it can be done at move-in. 

IrishTwinsx2plus1 --- 9 years ago -

When does the SSGT list come out? If he's got a number, they will allow you to move into a 3-bedroom in SNCO housing. If not, you will move into a 2-bedroom in NCO housing. When he's selected, you'll have to put in a request to move, then wait until a house becomes available, then you move at your expense.

Most people in base housing have kids.

The base is huge. Any idea where he'll be working? We lived for almost 18 years in San Onofre. Love the area so much. Great shopping, restaurants, the beach so close :) 

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