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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-19, 8 years ago.

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Really good burger joint?? - 7 years ago

The Counter!!! Or Biggies (I think that's what its called) in san clemente

State Insurance - 7 years ago

I had my daughter on medi cal previously, and I had kaiser. I put her on blue cross (or blue shield?) And liked it. We were able to choose from a larger network of hospitals & doctors. I wasn't a huge...

Just found out i'm pregnant! - 7 years ago

If you have standard you don't need a referral to be seen off base. You just call an ob and make the appt. You should google tri cities ob drs or scripps ob doctors.

Since im bored - 7 years ago

lol champ I didn't even like them while I ate them... I just HAD to have one! I wish I craved vegetables & salad lol it'd make my life so much easier!

Since im bored - 7 years ago

With my first.... string cheese and chocolate milk.... and big macs but I haaaate big macs! With this one.... not really craving anything but I am in the mood for mexican food & waffles every meal hah...

your best enchilada recipe..... - 7 years ago I recently made these, and they were delicious! instead of cream I used milk, and for the sauce I used a few tablespoons of crea...

Oceanside/Camp Pendleton Dentist? - 7 years ago

this is the dentist I go to and I LOVE him. He also does the white fillings for free and if you have any major dental work, he'll do an in office 0% interest for military families. http://www.doct...

where is the best place to get a nose piercing? - 7 years ago

Lol Drama, I have been pierced about 20 times myself so I'm a little familiar with the procedure :-) based off of the service I am used to getting, and what I got there I wouldn't recommend it. It cer...

where is the best place to get a nose piercing? - 7 years ago

I recently went to piercings by Tracy and that place sucked. They don't even let you choose your own jewelry (I guess so you have to come back when it heals and buy something else) and she effed my pi...

PU ladies: I need your amazing investigative skills and help! - 7 years ago

Did you look up sanrio?? They should have it!

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