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I joined this crazy place on 2011-01-19, 7 years ago.

» save Momzilla as my FRIEND - HOSER


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CNA students @ mira costa - 6 years ago

Which book is it?? (What is called/edition) I still need mine lol and I haven't even looked to see which ones I need. Pm me :-)

Dear dog owners who let your mutts run a muck... - 6 years ago

Was it a boxer & german shepherd?? There are that look homeless around Stuart Mesa always trying to get under my porch

14 year old step sister in law. - 7 years ago

=( poor thing. Just listen... she is probably desperate for someone to talk to. unless my kid does that, then tell me. I'll think of a way to trick her into telling me herself to keep you out of t...

14 year old step sister in law. - 7 years ago

eeek that is tough. If K ever tells you that before she tells me then you better tell me LMAO! I would tell her that she REALLY needs to at least tell C, that way they can make sure she is on BC a...

Bleh - 7 years ago

I never cook on grocery day lol!

Shape of a mother - 7 years ago

I love this site too. I still have a hard time accepting my post pregnancy body... after almost 8 years! I always buy clothes that are too small because they look like they fit. I was underweight to a...

morningsssss - 7 years ago

Lol Irish she'd probably just complain the timer was too fast, or too loud or something. She's great on weekends, she just hates getting ready for school.

morningsssss - 7 years ago

Don't tempt me Doo!! She's already planning her trip there LOL

Have you ever.. - 7 years ago

Everytime I meet someone new I wonder if they're on here LOL... I wonder how I'd react if I met someone and realized they're on here and their PU persona irritated the crap out of me lol

When did your baby.. - 7 years ago

Mine did pretty much as soon as she was born, the doctors told me to wake her up every few hours to eat, but as long as she was gaining properly not to worry. Just count yourself as lucky lol!

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