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PU ladies: I need your amazing investigative skills and help!

who's talking here?

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MommyX2 --- 6 years ago -

My daughter is obsessed with Hello Kitty, for those of you who know us, you can vouch for that! Well her bday is in Feb and she wants to have a Hello Kitty/Valentines Day Tea Party birthday (oh boy!) So if anyone can help me hunt down some valentines day hello kitty supplies, red pink, hearts, etc. I would be so appreciative! Google is providing unsuccessful results so far. =\ 

Momzilla --- 6 years ago -

Did you look up sanrio?? They should have it! 

AZbound --- 6 years ago -

I'm sure you did but did you try party city?
They have a ton of hello kitty stuff at the postal annex down here at liberty station but I know thats a bit of a drive for you.
Good luck! 

Alisa --- 6 years ago -

Oriental trading has a lot of stuff. You might want to check them out and see if they have HK stuff. 

Allison --- 6 years ago -

There's a hello kitty store at Ontario mills (off the 15 about an hour north of base) 

accountnickname --- 6 years ago -

There is one in Temecula as well. 

MommyX2 --- 6 years ago -

Thanks ladies!!

A Hello Kitty store??? K would go insane!

Checking out oriental trading, and scenario now! 

JustRollWithIt --- 6 years ago -

Cute gift bag idea 

IamtheWalrus --- 6 years ago -

Party city has a Hello kitty section. Basking robins has an amazing hello kitty cake too! 

MommyX2 --- 6 years ago -

Party city has a Hello kitty section. Basking robins has an amazing hello kitty cake too!

Thanks guys, party city's stuff is cute but not quite Valentine like! Ill check their online stuff!

I have my own baking buisness. I've reserved 8 hrs at the kitchen both days for 2 days before her party to make cake pops, Cupcakes, cookies, mini pies, a full cake, homemade chocolates and candies for the candy bar section, etc! Lol, its gonna be a desert buffet/tea party party. 

Pink Taco --- 6 years ago -

I'm a Hello Kitty freak since high school, for about 10 years now :) Some people that used to be on PU knew that about me lol.

Anyway, I go to and search for stuff there. 

Pink Taco --- 6 years ago -

Oh and the $1 section in Target has tons of HK things. I'm sure they'll have V-day stuff around this time too. 

MommyX2 --- 6 years ago -

Which Target? I have only ever found one bracelet at our Target! Kay would tear the $ section up with her allowance! Lol! 

Pink Taco --- 6 years ago -

I usually go to the one off the 78 and el camino but the one in Vista off the 78 and sycamore has more things. 

TweedleDee2 --- 6 years ago -

so is my daughter, she is 14..I just made her a Hello Kitty cake, she looooved it!!

(ps I have some left over fondant to make a bow if you want it) 

accountnickname --- 6 years ago -

Our target always has tons of HK stuff too. 

bballmom --- 6 years ago -

Amazon has a bunch of stuff too! Hello Kitty Party Supplies 

HereAgain --- 6 years ago -

At Hobby Lobby (if there is one around you) they have a bunch of stuff. They have some cute HK cookie cutters. 

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