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Rant about Parents and Kids - 10 years ago

I try my hardest not to judge other kids and their parents but sometimes it's hard, lol. I just try to remind myself that I don't know what they are going through especially kids on or near base. They...

Stuart Mesa Housing? How do you keep your house cool with no AC? - 10 years ago

The fans we use are the oscillating fans. And some little personal fans that you clip on to the night stand. @jkyle, I know what you mean lol. I keep coconut oil upstairs and it's been melted for a...

Stuart Mesa Housing? How do you keep your house cool with no AC? - 10 years ago

Lol at Anon. Our upstairs turns into a sauna! We have the blackout curtains, we open the windows at night and close them when it starts getting hot and all that other fun stuff. It makes it a bit c...

PCSing to Pendleton - 10 years ago

[i]As a SNCO you will hate living on base. Chances are you will be living next to a PFC because [/i] Oh, the horror! We like living on base mostly because it's more convenient for us. We have ha...

mini silicone heart molds? - 10 years ago

They have them at Joanns.

Getting divorced - 10 years ago

Just remember that it is his child too and that might be one of the reasons why he is now acting the way he is. He probably feels like he doesn't have much time left with him and you are keeping him ...

Thoughts and Prayers for the Families in CT.... - 10 years ago

This is so heartbreaking! Many many prayers. What the heck is going on with all the shootings!?

Tea people - 10 years ago

They have it at the Earthfrown Market. I like to get mine at the Sprouts in Vista by the theater. It's over where the bulk item are, in the spice bins.

Wondering if I should... - 10 years ago

Yeah it is pretty bad i didn't catch it as I was ringing up my items. It is just something I never expected. Lesson learned.

Calling all Marine husbands! - 10 years ago

Well I thought it was funny... LOL

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