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Stuart Mesa Housing? How do you keep your house cool with no AC?

who's talking here?

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jkyle --- 10 years ago -

Stuart Mesa Housing families, How do you keep your house cool with no AC? I am HOT.. Sun sets in my living room and bedroom and it gets hot. We have curtains and it helps a bit..

Can you get AC? 

GardenWitch --- 10 years ago -

You can request it, but we usually just opened windows on the opposite side from the sun or used fans. 

a3711028uu --- 10 years ago -

We just open windows and use a fan/swamp cooler. 

jkyle --- 10 years ago -

Oh really ? Many have told us that you have to have someone in the home that medically needs to have a cool/ air conditioned home . Thanks for the info 

GardenWitch --- 10 years ago -

Like I said, you can ASK, it doesn't mean they will allow you to have one.

Plus with the new electric billing, you might not want to go that route. Those things are power sucking machines. 

AnonyMISS --- 10 years ago -

Dude, open the windows at night and then close the windows/blinds during the day, if it's that big of a deal. It doesn't get HOT here except for maybe 2 weeks out of the year. 

jkyle --- 10 years ago -

Thanks GardenWitch!

AnonyMiss, We definitely do the opening of windows at night, it does get cold so that is great! :) I am mostly referring to mid-day 2-5ish because the sun is on the side of our house where we are most at (ie living room).

Having it cool at night doesn't do anything for us if it's not cool during the day.. 

GardenWitch --- 10 years ago -

Lowes or Home Depot has some window tints you can put on the windows that will peel off later.

I have only used the more decorative ones, (made my glass door look like stained glass) but it helped with keeping the sun out. 

NoSugarAdded --- 10 years ago -

It doesn't get HOT here except for maybe 2 weeks out of the year. 
AnonyMISS how long have you lived in Stuart Mesa>? 

jkyle --- 10 years ago -

AnonyMISS you might be lucky and don't have your living room in the same location that the sun rises in 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 10 years ago -

the coolness depends on where your house is located. We are lucky enough to be in a spot where it stays cool most of the time. But when its hot the best way to keep it as cool as possible is to put fans in the windows leave them on all night and morning. Just before it starts to warm up close up your house and make it as dark as possible. We came from 29 Palms and this is no where near hot to us. Once you live there 70 is cold. Lol 

a4082967uu --- 10 years ago -

This is what i would do if i was you and it summer time, go to lowes and buy an window air condition unit for around $ 200 or less and install it into the window, Now i don't think you pay for electricity where you live which is good news and you have 90 days to return it with no question ask, just hold onto the receipt and the box. I hope this help. I've done it before. 

HereAgain --- 10 years ago -

Lol at Anon.

Our upstairs turns into a sauna! We have the blackout curtains, we open the windows at night and close them when it starts getting hot and all that other fun stuff. It makes it a bit cooler but it still feels warmer than the rest of the house. We just use a bunch of fans. 

jkyle --- 10 years ago -

Thanks, a4082967uu .. I thought we couldn't get fans in Stuart Mesa unless it is a medical reason.. 

jkyle --- 10 years ago -

we have the same black out curtains as well @HereAgain.. Doing makeup upstairs around 5pm is not fun.. it just melts off.. lol exaggerating a little bit 

a3728266uu --- 10 years ago -

if maintenance see's that you've installed an AC unit they can have you remove it. At least that is what my understanding is. I think it was in our lease. Also we will be paying for excess electricity use within the near future so it could cost you as far as utilities charges. We keep our windows cracked upstairs pretty much at all times unless we are gone during the summer. Box fans placed to circulate the air also helps. Hope you all stay cool this summer!! I hear it'll be a hot one... Beach?? 

HereAgain --- 10 years ago -

The fans we use are the oscillating fans. And some little personal fans that you clip on to the night stand.

@jkyle, I know what you mean lol. I keep coconut oil upstairs and it's been melted for a few days. That means it's been above 76*F in my room for the last couple of days. Can't wait for July-Sep. 

PeteyAndWife --- 10 years ago -

What I do (that works really well!) is to open all of the windows on the ground floor, and then only open one bedroom window upstairs. Make sure it's the window the farthest from the door, so that the air can circulate around the whole room. Put a box fan in the window so that it blows air outside. Because heat rises and it's usually cooler downstairs, the box fan creates like a mini vacuum effect, blowing hot air from upstairs out, while cooler air flows from downstairs to replace it. This obviously only works when it's cool outside, so hopefully this will cool down the house enough at night to have some residual coolness during the day. In the morning, even when it's still cool outside, I would shut everything to hold it in. The house will stay cooler if you lock in the colder air from night, than continue to have the less cool air from morning circulating through. Good luck! 

jkyle --- 10 years ago -

Then its
widows during the night vs bugs lol 

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