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I joined this crazy place on 2011-09-19, 11 years ago.

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Terry Drive? - 9 years ago

Is there even such a street and why your mountain one housing? My neighbors are PCS in there from Hawaii and he swears she told him wire mountain one on Terry Drive but to my knowledge there is n...

NEED help w/ car shipping - 9 years ago

We used Matson in long beach. We shipped from CA to HI for $1075 not sure where your going but it may not be as much, they were great!

Book Recommendations - 9 years ago

Anyone read House of Grey by Collin Earl? is it anygood?

Book Recommendations - 9 years ago

The Shack

Las Pulgas Barn - 9 years ago

Just sent you a PM

De Luz it is! Pictures? - 10 years ago

its not that bad, more crowded, narrow streets, shared driveways

Elf on a shelf - 10 years ago

Explain to be the whole Elf on a Shelf thing, my kids are to old but I'd still like to kn0w

Dentist. On or off base? - 10 years ago

We went to the dentist on base. both my kids had their braces there. I have no complaints, very nice and friendly, I was sad to have to leave.

Moved to HI and HATE it - 10 years ago

It's so bad I can't eat or sleep. I'm SO unhappy...I can't wait to get a house

Moved to HI and HATE it - 10 years ago

We have only been here a week and a half and all I do is cry. My girls are so stressed out (Jr high and High School) all they do is cry. Im so worried about them. We are still in the Lodge which ...

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