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Book Recommendations

who's talking here?

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Rainbow Dancer --- 9 years ago -

Does anyone have any book recommendations??

I just finished a book so I'm looking at going to Barnes & Noble later when I get off work. 

accountnickname --- 9 years ago -

What types of books do you enjoy reading? 

Rainbow Dancer --- 9 years ago -

There's not one that prefer more over the other. I enjoy reading all sorts of books. 

Camerons Creations --- 9 years ago -

Velocity, by Dean Koontz. Amazing book. It literally had me keep reading. I finished the book in like 3 days haha I recommend anything by this author! 

fmlamanda --- 9 years ago -

Anything by John Green. 

TweedleDee2 --- 9 years ago -

The Shack 

Momma2Fur --- 9 years ago -

Sue Grafton. She has an alphabet mystery series that hooks you right in. The collection is almost complete so there is months upon months worth of reading to keep you busy. 

CivMP --- 9 years ago -

There is a used book store down past Miramar that sells like new books for 1 to 5$ each... 

gbob --- 9 years ago -

The thrift store on base is amazing when it comes to books! You can get paperbacks for .10 (usually a quarter) and hardbacks--even some great big coffee table type books, for $1.
I follow certain authors and I go to the thrift store and stock up!
I actually have a lot of books that I will donate back to the store or to the library, but if you are interested you can have whichever ones you might like.... 

Liberal Scumbag --- 9 years ago -

I love Gregory Maguire's "Wicked" series (Wicked, Son of a Witch, A Lion Among Men, and Out of Oz). It starts with the backstory of the Wicked Witch of the West and tells about Oz from her point of view. (But it's much more literary and serious than you'd think). The rest of the series is the years that come after the Witch's death / Dorothy's exit from Oz from the perspective of the Witch's son, the Cowardly Lion and Glinda in her later years. Maguire is one of the most creative and engaging writers I've ever read.

I also love Philippa Gregory's Tudor-era novels - The White Queen, The Red Queen, Lady of the Rivers, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Boleyn Inheritance. I'm reading The Kingmaker's Daughter right now. 

AquariumBubble1 --- 9 years ago -

For a great grown up vampire romance (no bedazzlement) that has wit, conflict and action with the romance I like the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R Ward. The first book in the series is Dark Lover. (clean and funny excerpt):

He yanked at his collar. where the hell was all the air in this part of North America?
"I liked it," he said in a guttural croak. "Trust me, I really liked it."
"Then I would do it again."...
Suddenly, there was a loud snapping sound. And then he rolled onto the floor with her.
"What the F--" Butch lifted his left hand. And up came the wicker arm he'd taken hold of. He'd ripped the side off the chair.... 

Rainbow Dancer --- 9 years ago -

Thank you to all who put in their recommendations :) It is greatly appreciated. 

ooorah69P --- 9 years ago -

Velocity, by Dean Koontz. Amazing book. It literally had me keep reading. I finished the book in like 3 days haha I recommend anything by this author!


Any book by Dean Koontz is highly recommended.

I really loved his Frankenstein series! 

TweedleDee2 --- 9 years ago -

Anyone read House of Grey by Collin Earl? is it anygood? 

Rainbow Dancer --- 9 years ago -

Anyone read House of Grey by Collin Earl?

I, personally, have not read it. Though I've heard from others that it's a good series. 

wallie --- 9 years ago -

Any book by Dean Koontz is highly recommended.
I havent read them but have heard great things about "The girl with the dragon tatoo" series 

Susan --- 9 years ago -


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