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Dentist. On or off base?

who's talking here?

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Ka101906 --- 9 years ago -

Recently moved to cp. looking for a dentist for my children and one for myself. 'my husband is pressuring me to use the dentist on base.

I need opinions please?

I have an autistic child whos sensitivity to pain is twice as bad as the average child. I only want a place that will truly respect his condition and accommodate to his needs IF needed.

How are dentists on base for both adults and children? Children mostly.

My husband said that it's entirely free if we go on base???? True or false? --clearly even he has yet to go to dentist here on cp--- 

shizzlemydizzle --- 9 years ago -

I thought the base dentist was only for AD, not dependents... 

Ka101906 --- 9 years ago -

My husband just keeps saying "we will see..I will go firs and see how it is"


I'm not sure. Is that how the dentist works? 

Ms-V --- 9 years ago -

I go off base. As long as the Dentist is a Tricare Dental (Metlife) provider they cover the same as the Dentist on base. The only Dentist for dependents on base, that I know of, is Pendleton Family Dental. 

CivMP --- 9 years ago -

Civilian dentists are amazing.. after a couple decades of being used by navy dentists.

Try Dr. Alison in Fallbrook... he's pretty good. 

Ka101906 --- 9 years ago -

That's great! My husband had me convinced that we were only allowed on base, but If I'm not mistaken, only he is to be seen on base at all times right? (dentist) idk, we were reserve for the longest time and now are active which is where the insurance confusion comes in lol.

Thanks civmp- I will look into that as an Option. I usually read up on a lot of reviews and ask around so any info helps! 

GardenWitch --- 9 years ago -

HE has to be seen on base, YOU don't.

If what you need done isn't covered by the insurance, you will have some out of pocket, no matter if it's on base or off. Only the active duty member gets 100% free dental care. 

Ka101906 --- 9 years ago -

Garden witch- thank you so much for clearing this up! I totally understand how that works now :)

I have heard great things about Carlsbad children's dentist. I may continue researching on them and others to find the best for my kiddos.

As for me, I need to find one pretty soon. Annual cleaning is coming up 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 9 years ago -

For kids go to Carlsbad Childrens Dentist. They are amazing. My friends daughter has downs and has had problems with dentists in the past. I told her to take her there and they were very impressed. I have referred lots of friends there and they are always happy. They also do Saturday appts once a month. My kids actually ask when they can come back and look forward to it. 

mushibolin --- 9 years ago -

I go on base to family dental. I'm a spouse and pay I think 20%, the rest is copay through s different insurance. They're not bad. 

NickiZ09 --- 9 years ago -

I go to family dental on base by the front gate. I love it,they are so nice and friendly. I guess they have a child dr come ever wed? Doesn't hurt to call and ask!! 

Ka101906 --- 9 years ago -

I have heard a few really good things about Carlsbad children's dentist. I will probably have myself go in base to the family dental one but will probably be taking the kids off base :) 

TweedleDee2 --- 9 years ago -

We went to the dentist on base. both my kids had their braces there. I have no complaints, very nice and friendly, I was sad to have to leave. 

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