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housing switch?? - 5 years ago

It is slightly different when you are requesting just because :) They are more picky and it is all based on housing availability! Honestly right now with PCS season winding down and most communities a...

yet another housing question - 5 years ago

I don't have info on the actual housing but honestly..wait till ya know where he will work! Pendleton is very big! both those housing are on opposite sides of base! :) Some people end up with hour lon...

PCS help... i need advice - 5 years ago

Where are you PCS'ing to/from? If you do a dity move and have two cars you will have to tow one behind the Uhaul. Like others said, if you do not have a lot of stuff you could actually end up loosing ...

Tires - 6 years ago

We went to teds tires in oceanside!! Loved them!! And cheaper than Walmart :)

NHCP - 6 years ago

I use Shelia Dell in the obgyn clinic on base...I'm due in 4 weeks and have seen her my entire pregnancy and have had 0 complaints!!!!! I really like her!! I've had complications and she has been awes...

Thanksgiving traditions? - 6 years ago

We start the day with watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV:) my daughter LOVES it...then we watch a Christmas movie:)...We norm have a ton of friends and family its more of the kids wa...

Santa Margarita Elementary opinions or other suggestions - 6 years ago

My daughter did Kinder there last year! I LOVED her kinder teacher Mrs Fairchild! :) The classes are VERY crowded...but my daughter did not suffer from it! Her teacher kept them in line! :) She is now...

Thief in Stuart Mesa - 6 years ago

Awww...that is really sad!!!!!!! :( Hope you are able to figure out who did it!!!

elementary school? - 6 years ago

Contact the school...I know that there is a b4 and after school program here on base....North Terrace is VERY crowded this year! A lot has to do with being full day kindergarden...I beileve there is o...

Thief in Stuart Mesa - 6 years ago

Awww that sucks...but could it have been a friend?? I know last year me and a friend stole my friends decorations ON halloween day as a prank! but she didnt even notice till AFTER we were done trick o...

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