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DaffodillDarling --- 6 years ago -

My family and I are moving to Michigan in about a month and we want to put all weather/all terrain tires on our vehicles. Any recommendations for places that are good and have good prices? Thanks!! 

Shoes --- 6 years ago -

We went to teds tires in oceanside!! Loved them!! And cheaper than Walmart :) 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 6 years ago -

We got our tires from Teds. It is the cheapest in town but the customer service is horrible. I mean way out there. I had heard of others having bad experiences but we never did. Than my husband went to get a oil change and it was all down hill from there. Everyone coming in just wanted a oil change so it put him in a bad mood I guess and he cussed my husband out in front of our 3 year old, my husband did nothing to him and said nothing to him and cussed out some other customers to cause all they wanted was a oil change. If you notice his price went up on his filer. We filed a complaint with the state after he denied to check my brakes that he just replaced and they were under warranty. He cussed me out and threatened me cause my husband filed a complaint with BBB about what had happened and got others that were there that day to do the same. He literally told me I dare you to bring your car back to me. I was referred by BAR, they are like the BBB for auto shops to contact the business licensing bureau for California and file a complaint with them also. The investigator for BAR said I wasnt the first complaint they had received on Teds and that they will do a investigation and forward it to the state. That after so many they can pull his license. I actually just got a letter from the state saying they are taking the matter seriously and I will hear from them in a few weeks. So who knows what will happen. If you just want something done cheap and dont expect them to honor the warranty you can go to Teds just dont be surprised if you get cussed out. Sorry for rattling on but I would not want someone else to go through what we have. 

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