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yet another housing question

who's talking here?

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4schmucks --- 5 years ago -

We just got orders for Pendleton. Never been there before. Have 2 school age kids and a dog. Not sure where hubby will at this point. Looking at San Onofre 1 or O'Neill Heights. If anyone can offer any advice, it's appreciated! 

Shoes --- 5 years ago -

I don't have info on the actual housing but honestly..wait till ya know where he will work! Pendleton is very big! both those housing are on opposite sides of base! :) Some people end up with hour long commutes each way with NO traffic :) 

4schmucks --- 5 years ago -

Thanks. the problem is we won't know until he checks in. He already has about an hour commute where we are now so it won't be that big of a change for him. It's hard to make an informed decision when you have so little information. One more thing to love about the MC! :) I appreciate the help! :) 

Charlie'sWife --- 5 years ago -

While I agree about knowing where he will be working first, O'neill Heights is a pretty freaking awesome place to live ;-) though I may be biased. 

BAV14 --- 5 years ago -

Add the Facebook page Camp Pendleton Housing Pictures to see what they look like, and ask questions! 

4schmucks --- 5 years ago -

Thanks everyone. Hard to make a decision when you have no clue where he'll be. It's all good though. 

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