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elementary school?

who's talking here?

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mrzwillz --- 6 years ago -

hello, everyone

we are going to be moving to camp Pendleton in about 3 weeks and we just found out we have a house in south mesa I. I wanted to know if someone could tell me the elementary school that would be our district. Also is Browne CDC or Stuart Mesa CDC closer? 

deya --- 6 years ago -

About those CDC I don't know but school district is Oceanside unified school district . 

gurlplz --- 6 years ago -

South Mesa 1 east is Santa Margarita and west is North Terrace. The Browne CDC is closest to South Mesa 1. 

gurlplz --- 6 years ago -

Santa Margarita is better IMO :-) 

penny --- 6 years ago -

North Terrace is a decent school. I feel you still need to work with your child a lot since the classes are SO overloaded. But they do a decent job at trying to keep up. Considering they are constantly getting new students throughout the year. Are you looking for full time day care or just before & after school? 

mrzwillz --- 6 years ago -

I would need before and after shcool care for my oldest, and I have 2 little ones that will be 3 in Feb and 1 in Jan.

Thank you all for your comments :) 

Shoes --- 6 years ago -

Contact the school...I know that there is a b4 and after school program here on base....North Terrace is VERY crowded this year! A lot has to do with being full day kindergarden...I beileve there is over 950+ students! My daughter is in 1st grade and has about 30 students to 1 teacher... The teachers do the best they can with what they have! but you will def have to be on top of your child and make sure they are learning...if you feel they are needing extra help just talk with your teacher!! Overall...its the Cali School system! lol 

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