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Santa Margarita Elementary opinions or other suggestions

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sophiesmomma --- 6 years ago -

We recently moved back to the area and my daughter will be going into kinder next year. I wanted to start looking and schools and saw that the one she would go to (Santa Margarita) is rated 4 out of 10 based on state testing/standards. However, some of my neighbors have told me that the school recently reopened and is much improved. I am looking for as much input into this as possible, so any and all opinions are appreciated.

Also is there anyone that sends their kinder kids to a private or charter school in the area? 

Maleficent --- 6 years ago -

My daughter is in 5th grade and the school is so much better than what we had in NC. She is so behind bc the other school was horrible. As bad as that sounds, it makes me like SM a lot more. She's fine and is catching up. 

Shoes --- 6 years ago -

My daughter did Kinder there last year! I LOVED her kinder teacher Mrs Fairchild! :) The classes are VERY crowded...but my daughter did not suffer from it! Her teacher kept them in line! :) She is now in 1st grade and doing well! :) Honestly...I think ANY school you choose is going depend more on the teacher rather than school! ...School can have good ratings..but if you dont get a teacher that works with you and your kids...they can still be behind...thats my 2cents worth :) 

Grnt Wfy --- 6 years ago -

my daughter has been going ther since 2nd grade an we love it!! she is now 6th grade and my middle child is in Kinder w ms Fairchild an absolutely LOVE her!! were actually in the North Terrace district but take my kids to santa Margarita. We have never had a problem!! My kids LOVE it ther!!! 

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