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housing switch??

who's talking here?

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svillagomez --- 9 years ago -

is there anyway we can switch housing? we have extremely annoying neighbors that live across the street that literally party 5 days a week. and they're so loud (even with the windows closed) that my 10 month old is waking up constantly. and there are some people that live behind us that party a lot too, it's driving us insane. we would also like some privacy and would like to switch if we could to save the hassle of moving off base. I've called housing and i swear they have no clue what's going on! all i get is can you call back or stuck on hold forever! our 6 months is already up.
thanks in advance. 

AnniRay --- 9 years ago -

Keep trying the housing office. Try to find a number for a higher management contact. I have yet to find any housing that is really private but there is a chance you might find some better neighbors. What housing area do you live? If you are in Serra Mesa, hardly anyone has children. Places where there are more bedrooms and more kids, may seem chaotic but the chances are the bedtime is earlier. 

Maleficent --- 9 years ago -

Out of every person I have talked to unless your family size increases or the service member picks up rank to qualify into another neighborhood, you can not switch houses/neighborhoods or between Lincoln and DeLuz/Hunt. I have never seen it done successfully unless it were for those reasons. 

svillagomez --- 9 years ago -

AnniRay, we are in Pacific View. Which I personally find insane bc I know they have babies/ toddlers. But I will try again. Thank you!

Maleficent, darn! Thank you for your response. I was hoping that maybe there was a chance of switching before considering off base. But with what you've heard first hand, it's not an option.

Thank you! 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 9 years ago -

I know people that switched housing without a change in status. You can request one but they will do a surprise inspection and all that fun stuff. But it is possible. Good luck. 

Maleficent --- 9 years ago -

It's not a surprise inspection. We're going through the process right now. (I'm pregnant.) they schedule both inspections, pre inspection and move out inspection. You have to pay for all damages to the old home before receiving keys to the new home and if there is over a certain dollar amount of damages they won't let you move to another house. 

YouReallyThinkSo --- 9 years ago -

Our friends who switched housing without a new dependent or rank change had a surprise inspection. They told them they would be coming by sometime in the next 5 business days to do a surprise inspection. They came on the 3rd day with no other notice. They didnt have any out of pocket expenses so the switch was really easy for them. 

Maleficent --- 9 years ago -

Hmm I wonder if different housing areas do it differently possibly? Because I know with us we're being given a specific time because we want a rep from USAA to be there during the inspection since we plan on using our renters insurance to cover any costs for damage to the home. 

Shoes --- 9 years ago -

It is slightly different when you are requesting just because :) They are more picky and it is all based on housing availability! Honestly right now with PCS season winding down and most communities are at over 85% occupied with more people trickling in it might be harder to request just because. When housing is slower (nov-marchish) they tend to be more likely to allow it...if you are moving out of a populated housing into a less populated as well as staying in your same district sometimes help you "cause" but when there is no specific reason their really is no "guidline" It is always worth trying though!!!
If ya don't ask you wont know! :) Worst they can tell you is NO! Be prepared to pay ALL your move out fees up front though! So keep that in mind! :) 

halfblackasianjew --- 9 years ago -

we are in the process of moving as well, I wouldn't call it a surprise inspection, they came out and did a basic inspection of big things..u have to pay that before they even sent our paper work to the government side.(4-6 weeks)
then we give 30 days notice, they do a pre inspection, then the final inspection. 

svillagomez --- 9 years ago -

What fees do you have to pay? I'm confused. I've never had to pay any fees before moving out of base housing. 

svillagomez --- 9 years ago -

i've been reading some recent move out questions and do they really make you pay for new carpet??? It was NOT new when we moved in and there were bleached spots on them when we moved in and i even wrote that down on our move in sheet. when we first moved in if you stood at the balcony you could see exactly where the people had placed their furniture from where the wear on the carpet was. if we have to pay to replace them i honestly don't know what i would do. I know i would be extremely pissed! our lease is up and we are month to month now. I'm just confused as to what "move out fees" there are??? again we've lived in base housing 2 times before this and have NEVER had to pay anything out of pocket. I literally wrote everything (i'm talking everything from scuffs to rips in the laminate flooring) on my sheet and they even sent people out to "fix" them but they never did they just gave me reasons as to what "most likely" happened and that was it. the ONLY thing they replaced was the blinds at the sliding glass door and that was only bc when the guy went to move it to "see what i was talking about bc it looked fine" they fell on him just like it did with me. The house was insanely dirty when we moved in that i even complained about it. (mold growing in the toilets, and toilet seats, spiders in the corners, dirt and grime all over the tiles and kitchen floor, the bottom of the tubs were brown it was disgusting) the movers hadn't even stepped foot in it bc i wanted to walk through it before they did anything so i could write it all down. We have treated this house just as if it were one that we have bought. we take pride in what we have and make sure it shows. I clean daily and we are not dirty people we have 2 little ones and i'm not about to let my beebs crawl and play on a dirty carpet or floor. it seems like some of these "fees" are ludicrous! 

svillagomez --- 9 years ago -


Maleficent --- 9 years ago -

You dont have to pay for carpet *if* the carpet is more than 5 years old *or* you wrote down every single spot etc and there are no new ones and no organic/urine stains. They black light the carpet for organic stains so be aware of that.
Any other move out fees are for any damage that is not listed on your move in sheet regardless of if it was there when you moved in. Since you say you have taken care of the home and there is nothing new you shouldn't have a problem.

Most of the people who throw a fit about fees either didn't do their move in sheet as detailed as they should have or damaged the home in some way and dont feel they should pay for it. Normal wear and tear doesn't mean your a dirty person or you are some butthole that doesn't take care of your house but stuff happens -ex: my dog got a serious infection in her uterus and bled all over my living room. She was put to sleep later that day (she was old.) We will have to pay to replace that carpet. 2) I have never had a major stain on a carpet that I couldn't get out with my Bissel so I went to bleach the carpet on a stain, had no clue that you dont bleach carpet, doesn't make me dirty or one who does not take care of my home. I expect to have a good amount of fees with the carpet when we move out and the only other damage was where my giant pregnant butt fell down in my bathroom and broke the towel rack. Again- something I will have to pay for. Crap happens and people dont want to have to pay for it so they throw a fit. 

svillagomez --- 9 years ago -

Maleficent- sorry if i offended you, i totally didn't mean to do that, but i have seen and heard people that leave their dog unattended in their house and let them pee and poo everywhere and that's what i meant by dirty.

okay, a few things i was reading were others that have been trying to move out of base and are having to pay a ridiculous amount of fees. and to have to pay all that up front i've never heard of that either. from what i've heard and experienced if there was something wrong they would automatically deduct it from your bah when you moved out. for instance we weren't able to remove our dish and pole when we moved and they took $150 out of our bah. but we got the rest. i'm not sure how long the people that lived here before us were here, but i know that we've tried our hardest to keep it as clean as possible. the only holes that we have are from pictures being hung, but i'll make sure i patch those. oh no if i know i'm a fault i have no problem fixing it or paying for it. thanks for responding i was starting to freak out. haha thanks!!! :) 

Maleficent --- 9 years ago -

No I wasn't offended I was just throwing that info out there. ;) Takes a lot more to offend me. :)

But yes usually its due right then and there. Ive never had a housing that allowed us to deduct it from BAH but I suppose theyll get it anyway they can. 

a3443670uu --- 8 years ago -

I had a sucessful move from Santa Margarita (Lincoln) to De luz (hunt) I did not have a change in rank or a dependent change either. Lincoln would not let me move with in Lincoln out either of those but I was allowed to move to hunt :) hunt is excellent ;) I love living in de luz! I got a 3rd bedroom and a/c and a fenced yard :) I hate Lincoln had rats in my house, old, poorly maintained, no a/c, and terrible neighbors. My move out fees were $125 from Lincoln cause my daughter spilled Clorox on the rug. I did have to pay all my moving cost like boxes and I hired actual movers total maybe 1,500 I have a ton of stuff and my hubby was on deployment but let me tell u so worth it! I will never rent from Lincoln again! 

shizzlemydizzle --- 8 years ago -

If your neighbors are being loud during quiet hours, call PMO. 

AnniRay --- 8 years ago -

What are the quiet hours? 

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