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I joined this crazy place on 2013-02-24, 10 years ago.

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MYCAA&Pell Grant - 9 years ago

I used Mycaa for my classes, and then the pell grant for my books. I got a check in the mail for what the remainder was. I was also curious if I would be able to "double dip" since you're not supposed...

Ptsd program - 10 years ago

There are a lot of ptsd clinics, I know of at least three that are hosted by mainside. My husband has been to a couple, but it's mostly group's helped him to hear other people are dealin...

Food drive on base? - 10 years ago

There's a program that the FRO for my husbands unit emails info about. If you're stretching your budget and need some help, ask your FRO for some info. It's the western eagle food bank. I've never use...

Missing Husky - 10 years ago

Hello, my husband and I are looking for information for the whereabouts of our husky. We returned from brunch to find the door open and our dog gone. We do not care what happened, we just want her bac...

Moving trucks? - 10 years ago

So my husband and I are moving our stuff about 1200 miles away. All we're moving is a set of drawers (2.5ft x 4 ft) and a hope chest (1.5ft x 4ft). The rest of our stuff we can fit in our car. My ques...

Ball gown Q! - 10 years ago

I have. I don't think anybody really remembers what you wear to the ball unless its something inappropriate. One of my friends has a black gown she's worn 4-5 times now, she just changes her accessori...

Landlord question - 10 years ago

Everything says it is due the 1st, late on the 4th. I don't think having a bill show up in the middle of the month should count as late given those provisions. The issue was that I pay my bills by che...

Landlord question - 10 years ago

So we gave our apartment notice that my husband was being transferred and we would be moving. Since then, they have said they are charging us a 75$ fee for pet waste (which we were out of state when o...

Was I wrong? - 10 years ago

POLL: What do you do that relieves stress the best? - 10 years ago

I think a combination of everything. If I'm mad at my husband (we don't have children, so it's usually about him being a pig) I can go to the gym and after a nice long jog or swim, I feel better. That...

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