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Ball gown Q!

who's talking here?

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ladyjak --- 9 years ago -

I really liked the dress I wore last year and I spent a nice chunk of change on it.. Knowing that I wont be able to sell it for nearly what I paid, I kind of just want to wear it again this year!

While I don't really care if people gasp at the fact that I'm wearing the same gown two years in a row (it will be my first and second ball), is this something anyone else would consider doing, or has done? 

Leigh3212 --- 9 years ago -

I have. I don't think anybody really remembers what you wear to the ball unless its something inappropriate. One of my friends has a black gown she's worn 4-5 times now, she just changes her accessories. 

Champ --- 9 years ago -

I'm wearing last years dress again. I loved it, and I seriously doubt anyone will remember unless you have the two pics side by side of both years and maybe if you have a buff that's in your unit. 

BAV14 --- 9 years ago -

I don't see an issue with it. I would just wear my hair differently, and wear different accessories, and shoes! 

ladyjak --- 9 years ago -

I was actually trying to brainstorm a way to specifically use the photos side by side for our Christmas card! :) At the time of last years ball my husband and I had been engaged for a week and for this years ball I'll be about 4 months pregnant! Things really happened fast for us, lol :)

Thanks for the input! 

AnniRay --- 9 years ago -

it's a waste of energy worrying what other people think about things like that. wear it confidently and it would be just as stunning as it was the first year! It's saying, "hey, look, I am being frugal and ROCKIN IT!" 

sea sun --- 9 years ago -

I just scored a used ball gown from the DAV of PCH for only $12! Needs dry cleaned but it's gorgeous!! So excited! 

gurlplz --- 9 years ago -

Cool! I like DAV, I've found some really nice jeans there. 

sea sun --- 9 years ago -

The DAV is pretty awesome, although some items are way overpriced for a thrift store. But the selection is pretty big and it's fun to look around at all the funky stuff there. It's PERECT for people with babies because usually the baby clothes are in great condition. The clothes for my biggies are usually really used and worn out. I always look for ball gowns there though because why pay a few hundred when you can get one for $12! 

gurlplz --- 9 years ago -

You are right about some items being overpriced. When I was there 2 weeks ago I seen 3 different people talk to a supervisor or manager and negotiate on the price. I didn't even realize that was an option! The items were a desk, men's shoes and a picture frame. When i went I found a like new Calphalon pot for $4.95! 

Calimommy --- 9 years ago -

Sorry to be off topic. But I have always been plain ball gown colors. I was thinking light pink and black. Is light pink to much? 

sea sun --- 9 years ago -

no way calimommy pink is perfect ;) Mine is a light shimmer pink this year. Can't wait! 

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