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I joined this crazy place on 2009-11-27, 12 years ago.

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Ball gown Q! - 8 years ago

Sorry to be off topic. But I have always been plain ball gown colors. I was thinking light pink and black. Is light pink to much?

Recruiting Duty - 9 years ago

Yikes. That sucks. Our MEPS is 2 1/2 hours away to. Well hang in there and yayy for a year left!

Recruiting Duty - 9 years ago

Exactly. I know there are some military jobs who they have to deploy 6 months off and on. But my husbands job was 5am to 5pm and he came home for lunch and has random Fridays off and never worked week...

Recruiting Duty - 9 years ago

We have 13 months left on recruiting duty! Can't wait to get orders. I wish it on no one either. I am barley hanging on by a thread. Hang in there!

The kids next door tease my dogs - 9 years ago

Oh no I would be upset. The fact that the parent doesn't hear your dog and wonder why the next door neighbors dog is being loud all the time shows they don't pay attention. If I ever saw my kids doing...

Accutane - 9 years ago

My husband used it. Acne for way worse before better but his skin looks amazing! Same symptoms as Stephanie203.

getting be pitbull insured. - 9 years ago

USAA has no discrimination against any breed. I will be in the same boat when I go back to Pendleton. Hope we find a place with 4 kids and a huge rott.

5th Graders at Santa Marg? - 9 years ago

True though I try and tell her if you try your hardest that's what matters.

5th Graders at Santa Marg? - 9 years ago

Awww, poor baby.

5th Graders at Santa Marg? - 9 years ago

My 5th grader is like that to. If she misses a word on her practice spelling test she could cry, lol. On love that she is smart and wants to be perfect but I tell her we are allowed to get a B on a te...

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