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I joined this crazy place on 2013-02-24, 10 years ago.

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Just wondering... - 9 years ago

Never heard of anyone doing something to families. As for the wearing USMC stuff, I think my husband has bought all of the usmc wife stuff. I usually only wear his sweatshirt (not the pt one) because ...

I need help - 9 years ago

It's going. They're trying to get his stuff pushed into WW, and get his med board put through as quick as possible. His unit let him home, but said if anything happened like this again he's in the bar...

Is anyone here from coastal Louisiana? - 9 years ago

When my husband gets out, we're getting our house in New Mexico. (I know kind of off topic). We have a 7 acre farm with a farm house (5 bedroom/3 bath), comes with horse corral and water rights. The p...

I need help - 9 years ago

I'm just frustrated with the whole thing. His doctor at the mental clinic cleared him to be home, but they put him on lock down. So now our car, our cashier's checks for rent, all of my ids, and my ce...

I need help - 9 years ago

The had mps escort him to barracks, will go from there. Tons of issues to deal with when he comes home, and he's never been violent while awake, so I appreciate the prayers and thoughts. Just needed t...

I need help - 9 years ago

I need someone to talk to. I've had friends out here, and most of them are stationed in okinawa. My husband has been suicidal for months as a result of PTSD, and I don't know what to do anymore. Today...

Recipe recommendation - 9 years ago

I don't live on base, but I have my mother coming in to help for 3-4 days after. She's an rn and can make sure everything is going to go well.Unfortunately my husband's unit wouldn't give him leave. I...

Recipe recommendation - 9 years ago

Getting surgery done and want to cook up a huge batch of soup for afterwards. Anyone got a really good recipe for a really thick beef stew or broccoli potato soup? Thanks!

Mini-rant - 9 years ago

Our neighbors told us otherwise why they were called-their kid locked himself in the bathroom and called 911. So no emergency whatsoever. Also, I do not live on base, and we in in the bedroom the enti...

Mini-rant - 9 years ago

So just want to rant for a minute. So my husband and I are in our bedroom with our dogs when we hear our blinds start moving. Then we hear our door to our backyard open. Looking into our backyard, th...

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