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MYCAA&Pell Grant

who's talking here?

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Catherine S --- 9 years ago -

So I am currently enrolled in college and for my next semester I am going to use the MYCAA grant along with what I qualify with my pell grant(I used last semester). My question is when I have excess pell grant they deposit it to my account for books, rent, food, ect. Has anyone ever gotten extra money because the qualified for Both? How does that affect everything? 

Maleficent --- 9 years ago -

Yes I have used both but there is a specific way you have to do it to not get into trouble since it specifically says you can't use both or it is double dipping. Hopefully you are doing it correctly.

What I did was pay for all but one class with mycaa and pay the last class with FAFSA. All the rest of the money came to me in a check. It depends on how your college disburses the funds but usually its direct deposit or a paper check in the mail or something like that. 

Leigh3212 --- 9 years ago -

I used Mycaa for my classes, and then the pell grant for my books. I got a check in the mail for what the remainder was. I was also curious if I would be able to "double dip" since you're not supposed to use other government funding while using mycaa. Both my college and the mycaa representative said as long as I was using the pell grant for my books and fees, it would be fine. 

a4494980uu --- 9 years ago -

i hadnt fully applied yet, so I hadnt seen the "double Dipping" term. But luckily it paid for all but one of my courses so then I'll just apply the pell grant to that course, fees, and books. I appreciate yalls feedback! I just want to make sure I dont mess up any of these grants and end up having debt because of it. I think its all cleared now! Thank you both again! 

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