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I joined this crazy place on 2009-06-26, 13 years ago.

» save Abra as my FRIEND - HOSER

I am a whale :P

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Moving .... Again - 10 years ago

[i] If you have a front load washer, make sure they pack around the drum so it doesn't shift during shipping (just make sure you take it back out before using it). [/i] My front load came with ...

High risk Pregnancy and progesterone shots - 10 years ago

Anyway my point was that you find a dr. that will not just shove you around as an appt, there are a few out there that give you a little bit of their time and help you understand why you are on treatm...

High risk Pregnancy and progesterone shots - 10 years ago

He could have spent millions for all i care. *I* as the patient requested to be informed about the potential side effects. A right i am entitled to as a human being. As a dr. His part in that was to h...

Moving .... Again - 10 years ago

I agree about the paper :/ have fun in Japan. It may not be the most convinient thing but its an expirience :)

Tea people - 10 years ago

World market sells it

High risk Pregnancy and progesterone shots - 10 years ago

*I delivered my baby an hour after i was told i wasnt in labor

High risk Pregnancy and progesterone shots - 10 years ago

I dont have the condition you have but same circumstances. Be sure to research the side effects of the shots, when i asked about them my arrogant ahole of a dr. Said he knew more than the internet abo...

Tubal ligation or Vasectomy? - 10 years ago

I was bleeding to the point of anemia on my bc so the doctor did not reccommend the Essure. She said it can make your periods heavier, and that was the last thing i wanted. And yes, Implanon is cove...

What would u do? - 11 years ago

[i]What would you do if you saw someone with 4+ dogs and at least 1 cat in housing? [/i] [b]I[/b] would not do anything...why would I? Now if the number of pets isn't the problem.....and the barkin...

Dirty Ref, Youth Sports. - 11 years ago

$35, $100 or $0 registration fee, they signed up for the "job", if he's not doing it properly, he SHOULD be reported.

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