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Moving .... Again

who's talking here?

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Wisconsin Sarah --- 6 years ago -

Looks like we are headed to JAPAN ... YES I am aware that we have only been in San Diego a year so far .. YES I am aware we JUST bought a house in March ...

Silver lining: our BEST friends (also a mil fam) are going too and thats pretty stinking awesome :o)

The Blah: All that paper that TMO uses to pack stuff makes me cringe. 

Abra --- 6 years ago -

I agree about the paper :/ have fun in Japan. It may not be the most convinient thing but its an expirience :) 

IrishTwinsx2plus1 --- 6 years ago -

I know you can't take a lot to Japan, but make sure the movers wrap your wood stuff with blankets, not just paper. We didn't know about that and when we arrived in Hawaii, EVERY piece of woodwork (tables, chairs, bedroom sets, etc) were all dinged, scuffed, scratched because they were loosely wrapped in paper, taped, then stacked on each other, shifting all over the place in the crates. 

Mater Lover --- 6 years ago -

I hope you don't mind I'm jumping in here. We are leaving too. irish thanks for the heads up... Any other pointers? neg Positive?
Anyone ever gone with Pets? Whats the process? ??? 

deya --- 6 years ago -

I know by a friends that for Japan you need to start your paper work pretty much as soon as you can and more for pets. They have so many rules. Best of luck for all of you! 

AquariumBubble1 --- 6 years ago -

some other pointers:
1. Take video (and keep it with you) of your expensive appliances (i.e. computer and T.V., etc.) working properly. They broke our computer.
2. If you have expensive tools have them list them seperately with the serial numbers, then put them in a locked case if you have one.
3. If you have a front load washer, make sure they pack around the drum so it doesn't shift during shipping (just make sure you take it back out before using it).
4. Your important paperwork (i.e. tax info, SSN, military record, etc.) keep with you in your moving binder/file.
5. Dismantle and secure any firearms you may be shipping (don't forget to have the serial number of that too). 

Abra --- 6 years ago -

If you have a front load washer, make sure they pack around the drum so it doesn't shift during shipping (just make sure you take it back out before using it).

My front load came with bolts that you tighten before moving the washer around and remove again when its being used. Id put those on if you have them. 

RedBird --- 6 years ago -

Where are you guys going to in Japan. We are also going to japan but, we are going to Iwakuni. My hubs is deployed so I'm starting paper work today actually, but I was wondering who else is going to Japan and where? 

Iluvcali --- 6 years ago -

Are you going to rent your house Wisconsin Sarah, we are PCSing soon to Pendleton and are looking to rent? 

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