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High risk Pregnancy and progesterone shots

who's talking here?

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travismama --- 6 years ago -

Ok so I have a Bicornuate uterus, which means there are two sides with a wall in between.basically half the room for the baby to grow. my first pregnancy was with a civilian OBGYN in PA. where i had ultrasounds every two weeks and was eventually put on bed rest because of preterm labor. and i still had my son 6 weeks premature. but now i am having to go to the CPNH. they are doing things completely different from the first time, and its kind of freaking me out.i have only had one ultrasound, they put me on progesterone shots, and said even though i have a history of preterm labor they were not concerned about it. basically i would to know if there has been anyone else in my situation. if you have do you have any encouragement or tips to dealing with the drs?? please please please let me know! 

IrishTwinsx2plus1 --- 6 years ago -

Why not switch to Standard and see an OB of your choosing? There are some great doctors at Mission OB/GYN and you'd deliver at Mission Hospital/CHOC. 

travismama --- 6 years ago -

I honestly didnt know that was an option... 

IrishTwinsx2plus1 --- 6 years ago -

I honestly didnt know that was an option... 

I had my last 4 on Standard and at Mission Hospital. I only paid my hospital stay co-pay, which was something like $15/night. Look at the handbook online. :) 

Abra --- 6 years ago -

I dont have the condition you have but same circumstances. Be sure to research the side effects of the shots, when i asked about them my arrogant ahole of a dr. Said he knew more than the internet about side effects and that id be fine. I never saw him again. I did the course of shots driving to the hospital every week. It took its toll on my body and while none of the side effects are severe, some are painful. My daughter was still a premie and was hospitalized for 6 weeks but she is super healthy now. I dont know what the shots would do for you in your condition but inform yourself. YOU and your husband decide whats right for you. I had contractions at 6 months (talk about a scare) and was even told i wasnt in labor whe i clearly was just bc my fluid tested neg 

Abra --- 6 years ago -

*I delivered my baby an hour after i was told i wasnt in labor 

a3710788uu --- 6 years ago -

If you are uncomfortable with the way things are going why not see a different ob at nh? I was high risk with my second because i had my 1st at 24 weeks due to incompetent cervix. With my second i was seen at the nh and had a wonderful experience. My ob is no longer there but she did a cercloge at 14weeks, put me on progesterone shots, and saw me every 2 weeks with an ultrasound, also gave me her email and would respond within 30minutes if i had any questions. With my second child i went into labor at 24 weeks again. Was sent to balboa on bedrest for 5 weeks, while there Dr.Shannon was my dr and she is amazing, she is now at camp Pendleton. Anyway what im trying to get at is, if you dont like one dr, switch to a different one, they are all different. 

alwaysright --- 6 years ago -

Wow what a shock, a doctor knew more than the internet, who would have thought after they spend thousands on medical school. Sheesh

Anywho, you can try standard and see if you can find an op in town who ifs familiar with your condition, you can also request a different ob at the nh. I hope you are able to find a doc you are comfortable with and that you have a safe pregnancy. 

Abra --- 6 years ago -

He could have spent millions for all i care. *I* as the patient requested to be informed about the potential side effects. A right i am entitled to as a human being. As a dr. His part in that was to help me make an informed decision, not to tell me how he knew it all therefore his decision was the correct one. No amount of medical school loans gives any dr. the right force a decision on a patient. 

Abra --- 6 years ago -

Anyway my point was that you find a dr. that will not just shove you around as an appt, there are a few out there that give you a little bit of their time and help you understand why you are on treatment and will be there throught the pregnancy explaining what is going on and will answer your questions. 

accountnickname --- 6 years ago -

I've done progesterone shots before and even though they give you painful lumps and other things it was worth it to me for what it did.

I agree that you should switch your doctor if you are not happy with your care. I've also used Standard for maternity. 

GardenWitch --- 6 years ago -

Just a heads up, a good majority of Navy docs did NOT pay for their education. The Navy did, the students are then obligated to serve x number of years after graduation. Many of the "doctors" at Naval are completing internships and residency requirements.

Husbands cousin is a Navy doc at Bethesda ;-) 

Maleficent --- 6 years ago -

C's get degrees. Your doc could have been the last in his class. Just because they handed him a degree, doesn't make him good no matter what t did or didn't cost him. 

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