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I joined this crazy place on 2009-06-26, 9 years ago.

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I am a whale :P

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What do you do with drop side cribs? - 6 years ago

You cannot legally sell or donate it. You could try recycling it OR if you have the room, store it until toys r us/babies r us has their incenitive sale (you take in used baby items and receive 10-2...

Anyone know a less than reputable smog test station - 7 years ago

If you read your registration papers there is a paragraph that states you may be able to get help for repairs if you fail a smog check. Might want to look into that before doing something illegal.

POLL: Do people with messy houses gross you out? - 7 years ago

Messy homes bother me but don't gross me out, dirty homes however, do. There isn't always a"reason" for the filth other then pure laziness. I personally would not clean their house bc it's not...

Embarrassed to ask but what the hell - 7 years ago

I was told (after I had the baby) that you could pump at.36 weeks. Don't know if that holds true.

POLL: did you breastfeed? - 7 years ago

I always wear masks when I am sick and doing anything with the kids. It feels gross and uncomfortable but I sure don't need a bunch of sick children while I am sick as well.

POLL: did you breastfeed? - 7 years ago

Except for the propping, I am sure every mother knows that can lead to cavities for baby and as already mentioned, choking.

POLL: did you breastfeed? - 7 years ago

Yes, they chose to have a baby and feed it. whether you agree with it or not, they are still.feeding their child. Same goes for baby food. There are those who think OMG I would NEVER feed my child...

POLL: did you breastfeed? - 7 years ago

[i]And this post is exactly what I meant about butt hurt. Why are you so defensive? Do you have a guilty conscience?[/i] Many women get defensive bc lets face it, there are many women that are in y...

POLL: did you breastfeed? - 7 years ago

[i]Oh come on ladies.... You mean to tell me you never squished your hubby with milk?[/i] No, only bc i'm afraid of not having enough for my baby, lol

POLL: did you breastfeed? - 7 years ago

[i]I think breastfeeding is become much more popular again as society is pushing healthy choices and lifestyles.[/i] I agree. When I had my older kids I was asked what formula I would be using, not...

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