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I joined this crazy place on 2012-07-18, 9 years ago.

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TTC Question - TMI Perhaps, Dont Say I Didn't Warn You! - 9 years ago

The commisarry now carries the .99c pg test as well, they are just as good as the expensive ones. Its worth a check. However I would think it is just your body regulating itself after being on the pil...

missing girls - 9 years ago

When I was out running this evening, i was stopped by 3 mps, as well as a women in a car asking me to keep an eye out for 2 missing girls. ages 8, and 12ish. They had been missing for 7 hours at that ...

moms of little girls - 9 years ago

You could take them to the American girl store, where they design their own dolls, Or take them on one of those mini dinner cruise ships that they have in San diego, and everyone could get all dressed...

hair - 9 years ago

I sent you a personal message :)

Del mar district office gym - 9 years ago

also, i'm not sure when they open, but it closes at 11:00pm

anyone ever tried...... - 9 years ago

I was referred out to a fertility endocronologist in econdido that is helping me, but Dr. Hart, at the OB on base can help with it as well, and she is very nice....If you are not ovulating, and have p...

anyone ever tried...... - 9 years ago

I am on clomid right now, and conceived my daughter with a combo of it, and metformin. This time around I am on month 5, and still no ovulation, but last time it only took 2 rounds, so it depends on a...

Cheapest produce ever! - 9 years ago

lol, you dont have to get the full can get 1lb for .14c! Its so cheap

Cheapest produce ever! - 9 years ago

I'm not sure if this is well known around here or not, but I have been here for 9 months, and nobody told me about it, so I figured I would share :) There is a grocery store on mission called Value+/E...

13th MEU - 9 years ago

My husband is with a unit now that will deploy with them, but will be transfered before the actual deployment, thank god! They did "cold weather" training, up north, and hot weather training in 29 pal...

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