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missing girls

who's talking here?

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a1431441uu --- 6 years ago -

When I was out running this evening, i was stopped by 3 mps, as well as a women in a car asking me to keep an eye out for 2 missing girls. ages 8, and 12ish. They had been missing for 7 hours at that time, and still have not found them. Im not sure of any more details, but one of them asked me to post on here to get the word out. I live in pacific view south, and that is where they were searching. 

sweetcheeks --- 6 years ago -

Any news? 

PuertoRicanReina --- 6 years ago -

I was out walking to and when we were walking back to pacific view there were two young girls walking away from pacific view heading past the fire department and one of the girls was on a bike. And I remembring saying OMG its super dark outside for these little girls to be out here alone. I hope nothing happened to them 

Crystal K --- 6 years ago -

The girls were found late last night from what I understand. 

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